Undateable: Go and Watch It

This year, shows entering their 2nd season are not going very well. FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, NBC’s About A Boy, FOX’s Brooklyn 9-9, & ABC’s Agents of SHIELD have all slid in the ratings. Even NBC’s The Blacklist, while still doing very well, have slipped significantly from its freshmen run. Only Mom (CBS) and The Goldbergs (ABC) have had good results in their 2nd seasons, although Mom has the rating juggernaut Big Bang Theory help it.

So this week, Undateable will have its turn for a sophomore season run. Most of you are now reading this with confused looks: “Wait? What’s Undateable”. Starring comedian Chris D’Elia with an eccentric ensemble cast, the sitcom reveals a group of awkward characters of whom can’t seem to find love.

Yeah. Every comedy ever, right?

And we’ve seen a great amount of them try this year, from ABC’s Manhattan Love Story and Selfie to NBC’s A to Z to CBS’s The McCarthys to FOX’s Red Band Society. Every comedy has some sort of romance, and in every romance in a comedy, there’s some sort of hic-cup on why the characters can’t solve the love puzzle. It’s the same story every time. Actually, it’s either one of two stories every time. It’s either How I Met Your Mother: he dates tons of the wrong people until finding the one at the end; or it’s Friends: dating the right guy on and off due to over-reactions or stupid decisions, ultimately ending up together.

But this show is nothing like any of that.

Okay, it’s a little like HIMYM, but that’s not the point of the show.

Okay, that is the point of the show, but just read, okay?!

Undateable played over last summer, and it was incredibly cheesy. So cheesy, guys. But with the cheesiness, in addition to the chemistry of the cast, the sitcom actually works. The characters (but one) are completely believable, and the show (after a binge) is actually freakin’ funny. It even comes along with your own traditional Full House moment at the end of the episode. Which blows up in the character’s face not too soon afterwards.

I’ll be honest: I loved this show over the summer. It’s cheesy as hell, but it’s the right type of cheesy. The characters are caricatures, but it’s the right mix of caricature and character. Last year, I had a lot of fun watching these characters over 11 episodes. And now, I’m excited they’re back.

So watch the 1st season. Binge the first season. Personally, I think the show is better binged than waiting for each episode each week. Don’t watch anything 2nd season yet. Just watch the 1st season first. Only the first. Love the 1st one.

Only after your 1st season binge shall you allow yourself to watch the 2nd season stuff. Because, it doesn’t look favorable. Some of you have already seen the promos or the (*shudder*) music video, and are probably turned off. I’ve got nothing against new cast addition Bridget Mendler, but her hire seems more like a rating strategy move (to get younger viewers) than a necessary cast addition. Understandably, previous cast members Briga Heelan and Eva Martino aren’t returning (Heelan was starring in TBS’s Ground Floor during filming; and Eva Amurri Martino was only a short-term term role), so you have to get another actress to fill the void. But Disney TV actors tend to lose their stuff once they leave the Disney brand. Plus, it’s just weird to think the Good Luck Charlie star will adjust to sexy network TV. But. Hey. Miley. Selena. Shia. So maybe. 3 episode rule, right?

So go and watch the 1st season. Here’s the first episode, on me. I promise it’s worth it. It’s cheesy, but you’ll fall in love with the characters. You’ll love their interactions. You’ll love the catchphrases. You’ll love the inside jokes. Then maybe, maybe if the premiere of the 2nd season doesn’t strike the right cords, you could give it some time. Because you watched it before. And it was funny.

UPDATE (2:22pm): One of the Undateable writers tweeted at me in response to the article. Good vibes coming from Undateable:

Check Chris out; he’s the man.

Undateable premieres Season 2 on NBC; Tuesday. March 17th, 9p after The Voice.

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