Short Review: Undateable: (S2/E1)

Undateable returned to NBC for its 2nd season Tuesday, and there were some things I loved about it, and some things I hated.

For those who didn’t binge-watch the 1st season, first: you did this wrong. Start again. 

Second, if you still don’t want to binge-watch it (though it’s a mistake), quick recap: the series follows a group of misfits led by overly-Alpha male Danny (Chris D’Elia) as they navigate the dating scene. Usually unsuccessfully.

I’ll start with the bad because, ultimately, I like where this 2nd season is going, and want you leaving this article with similar feelings. So, let’s start with the bad.

Let’s start with something really petty, but something so dear to me: the opening credits. It’s only a 10 second thing; but in those last 4 seconds, Danny and Justin have a little hilarious banter with each other that would differ each episode. This season, they took it out. It was disappointing. Also, the storyline where Leslie (Bianca Kajlich) has her butt advertised at the gym. No one there believes it’s her butt, so the guys decide to steal the pictured butt for her…okay. The storyline is a little funny, but it felt more like, “what do we do with these other characters while the main story is going on?”. Plus, the way they actually got away with it was so ridiculously bogus, I’m still not sure if it was pure laziness, or if them getting away with it ridiculously was part of the fun (or a way to get Brett’s butt on TV). I’m still not sure.

Here’s what I’m neutral on: Bridgit Mendler. I have to credit the writers here for not doing too much with her so soon, easing her into the group instead of dropping her in. In her appearances, she had a few really bad moments (“shaking” analogy; “Lesbian” Leslie) and a few fantastic moments (the trial; remembering Shelly’s name). So. We’ll see about her when she’s part of a bigger storyline. But I gotta say, so far she’s performing better than I expected.

And now, for what I loved. First, it was great to see main characters Danny and Justin (Brent Morin) back together. I missed them. From the opening joke about Justin’s turtleneck, it was back on. The main storyline was well placed, alluding to Justin’s ex-girlfriend from the previous season Nicki (Briga Heelan) leading him on, which connected to what Justin was doing with his “one-night-stand”. Eventually, Danny broke up with her for Justin (without permission) because he’s bad at breaking things off. However, the group didn’t approve of Danny doing that, deeming him a “bad person”. So this led to a “trial” (with Judge Shelly, also pretty funny). The trial was wonderful with “surprise” witnesses and an actual surprise witness (how long was she standing out there for Danny to call her in?). It was everything I missed about the show. It was silly, and they (writers, producers, viewers) know it’s silly. It’s about having fun with the gang, which is precisely why I like about this show more than I really should.

Ratings were pretty decent for the 1st showing, and I hope it grows on people (though not for very long; only 10 episodes!). I hope Bridget is more heavily featured in the next ep so I can evaluate what she brings to the table. But overall, I’m pretty happy with the return of Undateable. What did you guys think?

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