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The unsettling arrival of a new teen to Knightport – the CIA’s secret prep academy – begins a principal’s launch of disorder as faculty and students find their secrets are no longer safe.

Hour-Long Pilot | Y.A. Action/Adventure Dramedy

Roadmap Writers: Selected into their BIPOC Initiative
Coverfly’s RED LIST: #19 All-Time script for Hour Action Pilot (as of 8/20)
Top 10% of all Coverfly Projects (as of 9/21)

2021 THE SCRIPT LAB Screenplay Contest, Quarterfinalist
2020 PITCH NOW Screenplay Competition, Semi-Finalist
2021 CREATIVE SCREENWRITING Unique Voices Screenplay Competition, Quarterfinalist
2021 SCREENCRAFT TV Pilot Competition, Quarterfinalist
2021 BLUECAT TV Pilot Competition, Quarterfinalist
2020 WESCREENPLAY TV Contest, Quarterfinalist
2021 SWN Screenplay Contest, Quarterfinalist


When a recently-orphaned tween stumbles upon another world inside her treehouse, she unwillingly inherits an overpowering relic and the duty to protect it.

Half-Hour Pilot | Y.A. Adventure/Family Dramedy

2021 CREATIVE SCREENWRITING Unique Voices Screenplay Competition, Quarterfinalist


After testifying against his rich family backfires horrifically, a forced Harvard drop-out gets blacklisted from everything he knows and must go to his last resort: a former roommate in Santa Monica.

Hour-Long Pilot | Y.A./New Adult Coming-of-Age Dramedy