Kimmy Schmidt Deserves ‘Unbreakable’ Title

On A Sidenote, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is Netflix’s first great “truly” comedy show (I refuse to call Orange Is the New Black a comedy. I. Refuse). I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 13-episode season. Not only is Ellie Kemper beyond amazing as the lead role, but you also enjoy the female-centric cast as well. The theme song becomes more enjoyable by the episode, and the guest stars brought in are just perfect. There are still 30 Rock elements, such as the background music, the character mannerisms, and the flashbacks moments. But while bring the Tina Fey -style on board, it’s still a completely different show from 30 Rock. Liz Lemon is not Kimmy Schmidt, and while 30 Rock took a glance at a woman in a man’s world, Kimmy Schmidt is very much a slice-of-life of a woman in a woman-centric environment. Show creators Tina Fey and Rovert Carlock deserve a pat on the back for this really good show. And a pile full of money. I recommend watching 3 episodes and seeing for yourself. But chances are, you’ll keep going.

And to think: NBC sold this show for chicken scraps so they could have a drama-heavy Thursdays with The Slap (a horrible, horrible show), Blacklist, and Allegiance (just cancelled..after 5 episodes). While I don’t disagree Kimmy Schmidt wasn’t a fit for broadcast television (and NBC really didn’t have a show to pair it with EXCEPT MR. ROBINSON…but hey, what do I know?), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is way better than those two.

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