On A Sidenote…#5 (When A Parenthood Ends)

On a sidenote, I’m extremely sad the show Parenthood will be coming to an end tonight. After 6 seasons, the NBC drama’s 102nd episode will premiere at 10pm tonight (with newbie Allegiance in the timeslot next week following The Blacklist). Honestly, I’m not an avid fan. I watched the first two seasons and fell off the wagon. Not that it was a bad show, but I couldn’t deal with the constant emotions. But I’ve always considered myself a fan of the Bravermans and, especially, creator Jason Katims (also creator of the comedy About A Boy). But the bigger question poised earlier this year was with Parenthood ending, is this the end to true family dramas. Although you could debate Jane the Virgin or Empire as shows involving the entire family, they’re still slightly gimmicky (one is about a virgin getting pregnant, the other about who’ll take over the family business)No longer will there be a show about families and their everyday to long-term struggles, as viewed on 7th Heaven (CW) or Brothers & Sisters (ABC). Parenthood is truly a remarkable show given a lot of the credit but none of the buzz (as one article put it, shows like these aren’t very YouTube worthy, and it’s hard to tweet when your hands are full of tissues). I didn’t even watch the latter half of the series, and even I’m miserable about its departure. It just means we’re gonna get more of the same. More cops. More lawyers. More “Olivia Pope”s. More “Breaking Bad”s. I don’t know. Parenthood humanized us. It brought us to reality in ways many TV shows miss wide right. So it is a shame to see it go. Just a sidenote.

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