This Week in Telemazing (2.26.15)

WELCOME to the first ever Telemazing newsletter, where we highlight all our content from the past week, and give you a look at where Telemazing is headed. So here is the Week of Telemazing:


We brought back our favorite game from last season: Speed Round! But this year, we’re keeping tabs! We’re keeping track of how many points each team get in a minute all season long, creating a season-long Leaderboard. Now you’ll know where our correspondents rank all season. We’ll still have other games with leaderboards as well.


We held an awesome podcast about whether HBO is slipping as a giant network, after they renewed VINYL for a second season after a below-average premiere (to be fair, their 2nd episode performed better). We brought in call-in guest Carly Hill of Threadless, HelloGiggles, & TheMarySue (she does a lot). Kristen Plati was in studio, with Tim Mastic doing news. Of course, Joseph Mwamba ran the show, with Rachel Leishman co-hosting.


With everything these days about the world coming to an end, Alanah Raffery and Kristen Plati debated which shows should make the cut if the end were to occur. It was a contest of which  shows would make the list: top-rated all-time shows or shows with survival tips. Watch for the end result! Get it? See what I did there? I’m quite hilarious.



Telemazing appeared at YouTube Space NY, where we met awesome people, channels, and actors. They’ll be videos of Telemazing Founder/EP Joseph Mwamba talking on camera for other channel, so we’ll post them here when they get uploaded.

We also had our first Periscope live show, which will eventually end up on YouTube. However, we’ll only post them 2 weeks after the live event. So download the Periscope App and follow @telemazing to get updates when we do a live show.


Finally, Netflix released Netflix’s LOVE over the past weekend. Joseph Mwamba, Kristen Plati, Cody Boccia, and Subhash Santosh debated on whether the show was worth the 5-hour investment for Season 1.


soundcloud-logoToday is the Newsletter. Newsday Fridays, they will call it. Some day. Probably not.

It’ll also be our place for  Stat of the Day: Our podcast “Telemazing: The Podcast” reached 50 full steams only 10 days after our Series Premiere! We’re so proud of the work we put into making it, and want to thank everyone for stopping in and listening to our first two episodes. We have bigger things planned for the podcast. We literally talk about it next.



oscars-2016-nominations-snubs-discussionWe’re excited to say we’re covering The Oscars for our newest podcast. Typically, we record our podcast on Sunday morning for your Monday consumption. But since we’re going to record this Sunday immediately after the Oscars (11:30p most likely), there may not be a podcast there when you wake up on Monday. Chances are you’ll get “#3 The Oscars of TV” podcast Monday evening OR Tuesday morning. But don’t worry: Top 5 Shows If will STILL premiere Tuesday at noon, per usual.


youtube-subscribe-button-psd-photoshop-july-2013We’re so close to our 200-subscriber count, so if you haven’t yet, go subscribe to our channel right now! You just click on the giant button above to help us out!


Last year, we didn’t hit our goal of subscribers, so this year, we’re focusing strictly on getting subscribers for the channel, meaning they’ll be no Patreon asks on our videos or podcasts. That said, we’re still here! Support us on Patreon at and get certain perks for helping us out. We heavily appreciate it.


team_photoWe’ve finally updated our team page. We’re working on adding videos to the appropriate pages, but until then, look at these beautiful faces.


Make sure you subscribe to our main YouTube page at Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes, which you can do by visiting our Podcast Home Page at We’re all over social media, so links are as follows:


We’ll see you on Sunday GameDay! Thank you so, so, so much for your amazing support! If you have any recommendations, suggestions, or want to help Telemazing out, email

Joseph Mwamba
Founder & Executive Producer, Telemazing

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