Commentary Review: Gracepoint (S1/E3)

COLD OPEN: This show is so underrated in the last two episodes. I think because it’s a remake, a lot of people feel they don’t have to watch it. But they should get rid of that mentality. It’s so good. Okay, not that good. But it’s quite deserving of lasting the rest of the season, quality-wise. Let’s see what episode 3 gives us.

ACT ONE: The show begins with Mark Solano (Michael Pena) being questioned about his whereabouts the night of Danny Solano’s disappearance, and eventual death. Mark tells them he was on a job and that he was with his co-worker Vince. But checking his story, there was no job and his co-worker seems to be lying when covering for Mark. Meanwhile, Miller’s son Tom (who suspiciously deleted computer files in the pilot; so we know he knows something) shares Mark hit Danny once or twice. Throughout this entire situation, Det. Carver (David Tennant) challenges Det. Miller (Anna Gunn) to stop getting emotional and look at the hard facts of the case. Miller doesn’t think Mark did it, but throughout the first act, she finds it hard to believe him. Eventually, when Mark’s alibi doesn’t fit, he’s arrested for obstruction of justice. I’m finding this show so interesting to watch. I like how we’re breaking up the cracks in the town, which I’ll speak on at the end of the analysis. Everyone is breaking, including the two detectives.

Also, Beth Solano (Virginia Kull) gets out the house (because the first time she did this, that was a good idea; nearly had a breakdown in the grocery story parking lot) and is followed by the psychic Raymund. She freaks out and runs away. Important later.

GRACEPOINT isn’t the best show on TV, but it’s definitely the most under-rated (Source: FOX).

ACT TWO: When Mark’s story doesn’t stick, we see Mark refuse to say where he was that evening, forcing Carver to arrest him for obstruction of justice. Carver comes up with a philosophy while someone could have easily pushed Danny off the edge of the cliff, they choose to lay him on the shore instead, making him think it was delivered via boat. Upon Mark being under suspicion, they check his boat which has blood.

As we dig more and more into Mark’s life, we know that he’s not the murderer (since this is really early to get there). But they make it really convincing. I mean, we all know where this is leading up to. But the alibi, followed by the breakdown of the alibi, to the arrest, to the evidence swinging away from this favor. The way they’re going about the investigation seems almost simple, but from the outside among the chaos and secrets, it’s pretty impressive.

We get a little of Owen resenting his journalistic boredom. Owen’s editor is dealing with the case from here on out, but Owen is beginning to bore him with the most intriguing case right in front of his face, especially with an in: Miller being his aunt. It’s a tough line. Renee tells him about the people’s right to know what’s happening and that the cops are doing the best they actually can. But at the same token, people in the town don’t trust her at all which brings an interesting oxymoron. We want our secrets to be secret, and hate when journalists bud into our business. Yet, we commend them when they break the huge stories of extortion or law-breaking. Tough line. And this episode in so few scenes showed that whole complex situation to Owen’s front door.

Also, we find out that Det. Carver is “not well” and the stress from the case could cause serious health issues. We also learn more about the relationships between Carver and reporter Renee, which is not good, since she covered his previous case that feel apart (probably involving his health, most likely…or was it his own children? That might be a bit far, but would fit).

ACT THREE: Beth gets confronted by Reverend Paul Coats, who suggests a service for a proper way to mourn, although it’s probably a way for the Reverend to make money from offerings and get promotion for the church…while also looking good in front of Beth. We also have a visit from Gemma Fisher (Sarah-Jane Potts), who confesses to Carver and Miller that Mark was with her having sex. Mark conforms it, and he’s let go. Of course, not without total judgement from Miller. In relation, Beth reaches out to psychic Raymund, whose message from Danny states he’s fine and is without pain, but she shouldn’t trust those close to her, involving a boat. Upon his return and fight with Beth, Mark leaves and talks wtih Gemma. They kiss, with
the following Beth seeing the infidelity.

Detective Carver is trying to bury his past, is sick, and this girl (Renee) just keeps poking the bear. He’s about to blow (Source: FOX).

Back at the station, Miller hasn’t liked how Carver has handled the case and finally stands up for herself. Since Mark is proven innocent, Carver thinks this is a drug thing, needing to know where the cocaine came from. As the episode closes, Carver is informed Danny had a number in his coat the day he died. The last scene is Carver looking up the number in the database.

Firstly, can we talk about Mark’s infidelity. How do you cheat on Beth? I mean, seriously. Have you seen here?! Why would you ever cheat on her? Ever? I understand the circumstances (getting her pregnant and all), but no excuse, especially in the situation like this. Family’s pull together, not apart. Between his cheating and Beth’s secret pregnancy, this family is all sorts of odd. Secrets everywhere! Which makes for interesting TV, but at the same time…I mean sheesh.

THE CONCLUSION: The cracks are beginning to unravel. While the ending was very much anti-climatic (I mean, we’re waiting on a phone number….not that “oh, I can’t wait until next week!”. But not knowing where the show is going makes for a weirdly interesting next episode. I get why people aren’t falling all over themselves to see what happens, but it’s still a compelling story. Bad acting in some cases aside. AND ENOUGH SLOW MO! STOP IT!

What did you guys think of this episode? Are you guys really dying to know what happens, or are you pretty much okay not knowing? Sound off below.

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