Review: How To Get Away With Muder (S1/E4)

COLD OPEN: The first 3 episodes have been pretty solid; but while I really have liked the episodic cases, the season-long plot has gotten boring for me. Yes, Mr. Keating wasn’t where he said he was, throwing his alibi out for the investigation of the murdered girl. But I still feel like we’re beating a dead horse here. We know it’s Keating, or at the very least he was completely involved. We’ve seen the future. But I’m still watching, I guess. So, maybe I secretly enjoy it. Let’s see what episode 4 has for us.

ACT ONE: This episode focused on Connor, with his quite erratic attitude and behavior, using his alternative lifestyle to his advantage (having sex with men). His erratic behavior showed in his flashbacks, where is douche-baggery dialogue hides his insane, hysterical fear. But today’s case had to do with a women CEO being framed with insider trading. The W-CEO allegedly bought stock with Company X, not too soon before Company X made an announcement that lifted their stocks and not way too soon before having coitus with the male CEO of Company X. So, it looked quite suspicious. But, because this is TV, she didn’t actually do it. So the team digs and finds none of the employees were involved, except Connor, who has sex with her assistant, who reveals himself as having something to do with the illegal trades. Firstly, I’ve never seen this much gay sex on a network show. Secondly, I’m not entirely sure if that’s a positive for the gay movement or not. And thirdly, I gotta say, well edited.

On the season plot line, Wes speaking with Rebecca before Annalise took the case seemed to force Rebeeca’s hand into confessing to the murder. So Annalise kicks Wes off the murder case. This was important for future events.

Pay close attention. HTGAWM just keeps getting better and better (Source: ABC).

ACT TWO: This act escalated quickly. Like, the definition of “that escalated quickly” has a picture of this scene next to it. I mean, jeez. Women CEO received the news the assistant was involved and gave him a speech that scared the crap out of me. She pretty much said he’ll rot in jail, his life is over, and his already-hateful family will finally have a good reason to hate their son now. That was all the assistant needed to hear. He opened a window, said he’s sorry, and jumped out. 10s of floors high. Like I said…that escalated quickly. Oh yeah, and the evidence went out the window too. W-CEO is distraught. Connor is distraught. It was so…just SO sudden and crazy. My mind just went from “hey, this show’s good” to “oh my gosh, this show is crazy!”. But I should’ve known it’s crazy. Since…you know…law students will burn a man in 7 weeks (where the flash-forward events occur).

ACT THREE: In a class teaching moment, we learned the most fun lawyer activity is creatively finding ways to get a confession. Annalise Keating, being Annalise Keating, found the two co-workers who framed W-CEO, desiring to steal W-CEO’s clients when she went under, and they’re both arrested. Connor deflected being the reason for the assistant’s suicide, but the hacking wanna-be boyfriend didn’t like just being used for Connor’s advantage. So he kicked Connor out, supporting the show’s mantra of quick escalations (so hacker boyfriend is out of play for now).

Season-wise, upon getting the confession tape, it’s revealed the prosecution did lie about what Rebecca said, and Rebecca is free on bail. Upon returning home, Wes finally gets Rebecca to tell him what’s on the phone. Wes then tells Annalise about the phone and its contents, explaining that he didn’t reveal it earlier so he could build trust with Rebecca (which he now has). Annalise was down with it, and took the phone. She then went home, took off her wig and makeup, and asked Mr. Keating the nine words everyone’s talking about: “Why is your p**** on a dead girl’s phone?”

Why was everyone so surprised by this? I’d hope to think it was more the appreciation from fans for such a well-done reveal, among the wig removal. Which I could understand; heck, it was a fun reveal. But I think a lot of people were sincerely shocked that Sam’s junk was on the phone, to which I say, really? They made it quite clear the last 3 episodes. This was such a soap opera move, that I don’t give it too much credit. But. I am a guy. So, perhaps my opinion doesn’t even matter. But the reveal was fun though.

The episode’s final 90 seconds shocked every single viewer. But it was the final 10 seconds that blew them off the planet (Source: ABC).

Oh, and Mrs. Keating taking off the wig and makeup was such a great symbolic power move. If she was going to ask Mr. Keating an incredibly powerful and personal question, she was going to do it without the tough lawyer exterior, but as herself, in the purest form she could possibly present. No make-up. No wig. 100% her. And man, MAN was that a symbolic burn on Sam Keating. So Peter Nowalk & Shondaland, well done.

THE CONCLUSION: This show is on fire! No need to analysis it more. Episode 5 will be a barn-burner. Tell me what you thought of the final scene. Also, let’s make a bet: Does Sam Keating get slapped in the next episode? Over/Under .5 slaps from Annalise to Sam. Post in the comments.

Things That I Noticed:

  • Can we please get into Bonnie’s deal? Like, is she in love with Mr. Keating or did have something to do with the murder? We nothing about her. Really. Nothing.
  • I’ve seen a gay sex scene every episodes and one heterosexual sex scene ever.
  • So Laurel meets a guy for 3 seconds in a previous episode, and he’s her boyfriend already (Kan)? This show and its escalations…
  • I’m hoping the next episode is heavily on Asher (who finally showed up in a flash-forward, uninvolved with the future). His conversation with the sassy worker is the interaction I want to see. Time to add some comedy up in here!
  • Now thinking out loud, Asher not being involved in the crime may have the group use him as the fall guy at the end.
  • How is it that Rebecca was this rough girl turned soft? There’s no transitional phrase with this show. Escalation to the max!

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