Bullet Points 10/5

Every week, I take everything I’ve seen, watched, or read this week TV related. Then, I put it in here for short bullet points. 

  • Week 2 had some surprises, but for the most part brought everything into a more serious perspective
  • If you’re wondering where all my reviews are, blame the College Football Saturday and my internet (which is my only connection to television) refusing to work well enough to load anything. Except for Netflix. For some odd reason. Hulu and all other streaming sites I watch from took 90 years to watch a full episode. I only got to watch Modern Family and Mysteries of Laura this weekend. Not a solid weekend for TV viewing, so I’m quite disappointed.
  • Gracepoint (FOX) had a pretty solid premiere ep, although the numbers won’t back that up. But I will say that Broadchurch (ITV; original version) had a way more convincing pilot.
  • The Goldbergs (ABC) are just hitting it at all cylinders and everyone needs to start watching this show. A great acting episode this week from my fav child actor: Sean Giambrone
  • Modern Family (ABC) had the Dunphys in an interesting issue this week, while the Prichetts were kind of funny. Mitchell and Cam were kind of annoying this round with Lily’s smile plot.
  • Gotham (FOX) may not have had the most exciting 2nd episode, but it was still a solid episode. Yet, I’ll say that Bruce Wayne is slightly going Spiderman-emo though. And we all know we didn’t like Spiderman after that moment…
  • Manhattan Love Story (ABC) needs do what Mad About You did for relationships in the early 1990s: actually make a real connection with what males and females think while dating, instead of inserting random stereotypes. There hasn’t been another Mad About You since and I’m still waiting for it.

  • Scorpion (CBS) is surprising me with its audience retention (from Big Bang rerun), but I seriously think it won’t last longer than its premiere season.
  • Selfie (ABC) has issues. I’ll leave it at that, or I might have another article. But I love you Karen Gillian!
  • Blackish (ABC) got way better this time around, but perhaps we can take the controversial conversations down slightly.
  • Why is nobody watching Manhattan (WGN America)? This show is so ridiculously good. So. Good.
  • How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) will probably have a boring long-story arc by episode 4. They showed their hand too early in their a 2nd episode.
  • While New Girl (FOX) has bounced back quality-wise, live ratings haven’t been nice, while Live+3 has helped both New Girl and The Mindy Project stay relevant.
  • Numbers tell me that Red Band Society (FOX) is on its way out, while Utopia (FOX) already is on their way out with their Tuesday broadcast taken out of the lineup. Not the way FOX needed to start this season.
  • But with that said, I think Red Band definitely improved on its 3rd episode. Still cheesy. Still corny. Still in bad ways. But an improvement none the less. Unconvincing actors are unconvincing. Also, coma boy narration still isn’t funny when it tries to be funny.
  • The Flash (CW) comes this week. So excited to give you the review for that, since I watched it forever ago.
  • While I’m beginning to understand why older women enjoy The Mysteries of Laura (NBC), it’s still pretty bad. Yet it’s holding up at a 1.5 rating. Let’s see where it falls for its 4th episode, but so far despite the horrible quality, it could be the very thing NBC needs to bring their Wednesdays up a notch…sadly.
  • Since the internet was horrible this weekend, short Bullet Points. I’ll have another one when I watch the rest of my regulars. Consider this the first half of Bullet Points.

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