Become a Telemazing Social Director

We prefer students currently enrolled or graduated from marketing programs OR video/film programs, but open to professionals (this is an unpaid position):

Our YouTube channel Telemazing is in need of a Social Director (more info of our channel in the final paragraph), who will report to the Founder & Executive Producer of Telemazing. You’ll be in charge of our two major operations:

  • Social Media: Overlooks our official Facebook page & Twitter handle, along with our Tumblr and Pinterest pages. The goal for these sites are two-fold: increase YouTube subscribers and increase engagement. You will be held responsible for increasing fans and followers across the social medium.
  • Marketing: Overlooks our brand to the outside world, making sure social sites have consistent voice.

You must have a high knowledge and excitement about television. Talking about TV will be the main objective of your job, talking about TV on social media multiple times a day. So you should enjoy talking about TV, and asking viewers questions about what’s currently happening. You’ll be given monthly objectives, and you can see our channel at Video quality has dramatically increased since our latest videos.

This is also your opportunity to get creative with our content: making suggestions on how videos should appeal to viewers, how social media should talk to and gain more fans, how to present ourselves on social and on video. While this is strictly a social position, you will also hold the most expertise in marketing. This position may be best for students going into marketing positions.

This position can easily become a “Marketing Director” position when Telemazing reaches the right size. You will work remotely, and potentially with a very small team. You will also, with approvals, be in charge of hiring and firing. You must attend a monthly production meeting, and have internal group meetings to stay on course.

Contact: Send a resume to Applicants with marketing interests will be favored.

Telemazing is a new YouTube channel which takes an bird’s-eye view at TV. With more than 50 videos up in less than 2 months, the channel has TV discussions and debates about comedies and dramas, recommends shows, & occasionally looks at niche genres (e.g. British shows, sci-fi, reality, anime, etc). In a nutshell, Telemazing is a show for people and by people who love TV. Telemazing has a new video every weekday (M-F) and season one officially premieres September 14th.

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