ABC’s New Shows: Trailers and Predictions

ABC just released their new trailers for the 2017-18 Fall season, and we have them all right here for ya. I tell you my thoughts below, but watch all of these beforehand:

The Mayor (rapper uses a mayoral campaign to promote his music…then get elected; Yvette Nicole Brown & Lea Michelle):

The Good Doctor (young doctor with Autism is a genius surgeon…and people freak out; Freddie Highmore):

The Gospel of Kevin (Remember Angel from Hell? Yeah. Exactly.):

Alex Inc. (based on the podcast StartUp and the start of Gimlet Media podcast; starring Zach Braff):

Ten Days in the Valley (starring Kyra Sedgwick; a TV producer’s daughter is kidnapped):


Splitting Up Together (parents get divorced but stay living together; Jenna Fischer is back!):


Deception (illusionist helps the FBI; ABC’s new Castle):


The Crossing (I literally have no clue how to describe this; people with powers from the future are running away from a war in that future…I think. Perhaps a Fringe/Lost mix?):


For The People (new Shondaland show, It’s fresh lawyers for the U.S. Attorney Office):

Snap Judgement:
Look, ABC was dead last this year in the ratings, and really I don’t understand how. I mean, I do, but they have so many good hits. Their Wednesday nights are great players among the power of Empire, Grey’s Anatomy still spits fire, and their Tuesday comedies while low rated are still good. But the reality is the #TGIT lineup is dying, their Mondays are dying out, and their Sundays are the deadest of dead. So they have to make some massive shifts (revamping the entire Sunday and Friday lineups) and some major moves (bringing back American Idol and Roseanne) Few of these shows are pretty good, more so than I can say about NBC or FOX at this time. But the problem is some (not all) of their scheduling decision seem weird at best. So at snap judgment, I think ABC came to play this season with some hitters. But I still reserve some thoughts on some scheduling decisions.

Knee-Jerk Reactions
Ten Days in the Valley (Sundays, 10p): Shark Tank will lead into this show, which while a solid Friday performer, also loses male viewers thanks to Sunday Night Football. So I don’t see many people walking in Ten Days in the Valley. Kyra Sedgwick is great, but this show is really a TV writer writing for TV writers. Which is fine. But I don’t see it surviving past Season 1. I predict it won’t make a 2nd Season.

The Good Doctor (Mondays, 10p): Firstly, I’m only okay with this because Deception isn’t until the midseason, and there’s no better show to put on in Castle‘s former timeslot. I think the show is fine and I’m cheering for Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel), Richard Schiff (West Wing), and Antonia Thomas (Netflix’s Lovesick). But I don’t know if the show will connect with a falling DWTS lead-in. I predict it won’t make a 2nd season, though I do believe it’ll hold a big number for that timeslot come premiere.

The Mayor (Tuesdays, 9:30p): ABC made one interesting decision and two bad ones. One, Black-ish getting moved to Tuesdays at 9p will be used to build the night up to The Mayor. That’s fine. American Housewife now occupies the Thursday 9:30p slot (which I actually agree with the demo grab there). Plus, I get it. Black show leads into a black show. Fine. I get it. But two bad things here: Watching this trailer, I do find it funny, but I don’t see its appeal past episode 4. Lea Michelle will look odd hanging out there, and while the premise is alright, how good will it maintain interest? He’s mayor now. What hijinks will he get himself into now that will prompt a motivational speech from his mom or Lea Michelle? I’m cheering for the show, but I don’t see this making it past Season 2. Oh, and the 2nd bad thing:

The Gospel of Kevin (Tuesdays, 10p): You don’t put two new shows back to back, especially a new comedy into a new drama. Especially on a timeslot you struggle with. Also doesn’t help that the show looks…not great. It won’t get a 2nd season. I mean come on. This is ABC’s Angel from Hell. But hey, good to see Cristela again.

Marvel’s Inhumans (Friday 9p): So I guess this means CW won: ABC rather not compete with CW’s The Flash. Alright CW! Okay, jokes aside, this move is the oddest of them all: I’d imagine they’d put this show on a pedestal considering where all the Marvel shows have gone (Freeform, FOX, FX, Netflix) but this might be telling for how good the show is. But my Marvel policy is there’s always a 2nd season. And now there’s justification for it: “of course the ratings were bad, they were on Friday!” It’s Marvel. It’ll get a 2nd season.

There are many mid-season shows with trailers, but it’s hard to judge them if I don’t know their schedules. So I won’t make predictions, but I’ll briefly talk about them here. 

Alex Inc.: I’m a huge fan of the podcast StartUp, a bigger fan of Alex Blumburg, and a constant consumer of Gimlet Media podcasts. I’ll be watching this show…but it’s like when CBS did that show based on the sports personality Tony Kornheiser starring Jason Alexander. Only those people will care. BUT I gotta say, so happy Tiya Sircar is getting a major role (The Good Place, Master of None)

Deception: Not to be confused with NBC’s 2013 Meagan Good vehicle, this show brought me back to how I felt watching Castle for the first time. An author helping solve crimes?! No way. It’s a Castle/The Mentalist mash and I’m at least interested to see how fun we can have. But it’s a mid-season replacement, which tells me something’s up with the quality. Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it’s something.

Splitting Up Together: I don’t think this show will be that good BUT EVERYONE SHUT UP, JENNA FISHER IS BACK ON! Also, let’s just fast forward to the part where we get a show of Jim and Pam in Texas with Daryl.

For The People: Either Scandal‘s or HTGAWM‘s replacement, but I can see this working out. I mean, even The Catch got a 2nd season. But then I remember The Deep End. Wait. None of you heard of this show? It’s the same, just with the Shondaland brand attached here.

The Crossing: Uh…..pass?

American Idol: You did it, ABC. You finally have the singing competition show of your dreams. No more Duets. No more Rising Star. This is your moment. Good luck with that…

Roseanne: If we’re bringing back Will & Grace and Roseanne, I want The West Wing back NOW!

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