FOX’s New Shows: Trailers and Predictions

Fox just released trailers of their new shows for the 2017-18 Fall season, and we have them all right here for ya. I tell you my thoughts below, but watch all of these before you see my thoughts below.

Gifted (the new Marvel show; parents find out their kids have “gifts”):


Ghosted (Adam Scott/Craig Robinson comedy; 2 new “agents” in X-Files type satire):


The Orville (Seth MacFarlane vehicle; “Star Trek” satire):


The Resident (could be an over-dramatic medical drama…or something worth watching):

LA to Vegas (just…oh boy…people fly from LA to Vegas…and back):


I’ll admit I’m not a fan of most of these. I think Ghosted over does it, LA to Vegas under does it, and while The Orville is just right, I see it more as the TV version of A Million Ways To Die in the West (in space). Gifted could be good, as they try to combine the family drama with a superhero punch, but I’m sure it’ll be more drama than Jessica Jones, which will alienate both types of audiences. The Resident could be the most cliche thing we’ve ever watched and FOX never learned from Red Band Society, or it could end up being the most appealing. There hasn’t been a medical drama since House where the story focused on a singular resident. I’m hoping while they dabble in the other characters, they center it around the lead trying to make it in the hospital game. I don’t have high hope for that one. But hope’s around.

Knee-Jerk Reactions

Gifted (Mondays, 9p): I don’t think Lucifer matches well, but I think it’s the best match FOX has without using a DC show (Gotham) to lead into a Marvel show. If ABC can keep Agents of SHIELD alive and Agent Carter even got 2 seasons, there’s no reason to count out Marvel shows. I predict it’ll make it to a 2nd Season.

The Orville (Thursdays, 9p): This will play after Gotham, which moves to a new night as well. I truly believe this is a horrible match-up, considering the last few years FOX putting shows on Thursdays to die (Pitch, Bones, Sleepy Hollow). The show is also competing against NBC’s This is Us (girls and moms are gone), ABC’s Scandal (now all the girls and moms are gone), CBS’s Thursday night comedies (some males and females now gone), and Thursday Night Football (those male viewers you really needed now? Gone). So this was easy. I predict no 2nd Season. There’s really no reason this show couldn’t be on a Sunday night.

Ghosted (Sundays 8:30p): While I do think this is the best show they’ve put in this slot in years not named Brooklyn 9-9, I think it’s time FOX abandoned putting live-action shows on Sundays. But some credit is due: this show is being aimed for the right demographic, with Adam Scott being a draw too. But it hasn’t worked in the past. Won’t work again. I predict no 2nd Season…but I’d like to be proven wrong.

LA to Vegas and The Resident are mid-season shows, so I’ll hold predictions until I know their scheduled slots as well.

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