Telemazing Joins TV Tracking Site Kaboodle

So I’ve been tasked with writing another article this week, and I had a whole idea ready for you.

However, I want to go a different route today. Let’s get deep next week. This time, I wanted to have some fun with a new project I gave myself.

A month ago, someone asked if I had a list of shows I’m currently watching. I always wanted to create a list for the website, but couldn’t figure out the best way to present it. I have Power Rankings on the YouTube channel, and I discuss the shows I watch on the podcast. But really, I wanted my list to be more interactive with viewers than just posting it on a website. Upon his reply,  found out there are other websites which can do that for me instead.

A good idea from a posted YouTube comment. Who knew?

So I investigated. And let me tell you: Trakt. Is. Ridiculous.

First off, let me explain the premise of Trakt. It’s a website app which tracks the shows you’re watching to easily display for your followers what you’re watching. So when you’re watching The Office, your followers and fans will know you’ve just watched Episode 10 of season 5. I really liked that idea: if fans wanted to talk to me about a TV show, instead of waiting until I talked about the show on YouTube, perhaps they could talk to me right away on Trakt. The site’s premise is great.

But the execution was not.

Trakt looks amazingly stunning, has some really good ideas, and showcases helpful patterns or information about the TV user. But seriously: you can’t track any of these shows (

First, you have to understand I watch every single minute of TV through my XBOX One. That’s where all my apps are, and is the best way to watch TV on my big screen. Yet, Trakt requires me to watch TV on my laptop or phone, and to download a browser extension (which barely worked) so it can track the shows I’m watching. So having the site automatically track my show progress won’t work. Manually tracking my progress: The. Worst.

Let’s say I watched an episode of The Office. I’d come to the site, find the show, find the show’s episode, and “check in”, meaning I’m currently watching it. That’s alright, we can work with that. The worst problem with Trakt is if you’re midway through a series binge, you’d have to manually check off every individual episode you’re watched. When I went to add The Office to my list, I had to check off each episode separately, assign a date to it, and move on to the next episode. But of course, that takes way too long. It took me almost 5-7 minutes to complete. Imagine doing that for every show I watch.

And I get it, the site isn’t built for tracking manually. It’s supposed to be an app doing the work for you. But I don’t watch TV on my phone or on my laptop, so Trakt ended up being way too stressful. It has great infrastructure and looks cool, but it was too much of a burden.

Kaboodle is seriously a savior. (

So in looking for a similar site, I found Kaboodle, a way more simple interface and website. The site makes adding shows to your schedule incredibly easy, My profile had useful information with how many shows I’ve rated, my rating distribution, my Top 10 list, and badges for rating certain shows. Lastly, it has a TV Backlog, where you can see the shows I’m currently watching (and how many episodes I’m behind). Everything can be rated and watched with one simple click. It was wonderful. It’s also very addicting, but I’m pretty sure that’s just me. Just having an aggregated location where the shows I watch can be in plain view is a pretty awesome situation.

So really, this whole thing is to let you know Telemazing is now on Kaboodle. As of this article, I’ve rated over 100 TV shows, am currently watching 38 shows, and have watched 157 days worth of TV. And I’m still not done putting all the TV shows in the backlog yet.

So if any of you are even remotely interested in the shows I’m currently watching, follow me here at Kaboodle. I’ve been updating the website every week. You can also continue watching our YouTube videos or listen to our Podcast, but the most up-to-date information of where I am at watching these shows will be on this site.

I hope you join Kaboodle and follow us on the site. I would love to hear from you guys!

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