We’re coming to a close on Upfronts Week, with two more remaining network. This article covers CBS.

No real surprises during the 2015 Fall CBS schedule revealing. We think putting new show Supergirl on Mondays was a gutsy move, but the move makes sense with The Big Bang Theory holding the timeslot until Supergirl’s October premiere. Also, putting CSI: Cyber on Sundays after The Good Wife can’t be a good sign for the series, both show demos don’t entirely match up well. But other than those two points, everything next fall is pretty similar to how it was last fall.

So more time to judge the new CBS shows (Before we get going, know the CBS trailers were two times the length of all the other networks, so they pretty much gave us the entire pilot in 6-minute trailers. We were quite irked.)

Supergirl: I mean, do we have to explain this premise? Okay, fine: Superman had a cousin. You happy? (Mondays, 8p starting November 2nd).

What We Liked: I mean, it’s pretty exciting. Melissa Benoist is a great Supergirl. Seeing Ally McBeal Calista Flockhart again is nice. The show has the fun of The Flash, while keeping the mythology of Smallville. Also, the executive producer of Arrow and The Flash Greg Benanti (who’s also doing the new CW show Legends of Tomorrow, but we’ll touch that with CW’s Snap Judgement) is behind this, and if there’s an EP to trust, it’s this one.

What We Didn’t: Oh, so leading up to the plane crashing, Supergirl just so happened to not remember how to fly? Come on. Also, the dialogue is not…perfect. One could make the argument this show gave us a major CW feel, opposed to CBS. Lastly, her revealing who she was quite underwhelming. Also, why the heck not feature Superman (Henry Cavill) in this. You have freakin’ movie coming out, and she’s your only surviving member of your home. You think he’d visit.

Overall: Of course, we’ll watch this. Are you insane?!

Life In Pieces: It’s Modern Family: CBS Edition (Mondays, 8:30p / Thursdays, 8:30p on November 5th).

What We Liked: It’s pleasant. Like, think about The McCarthys. This show is better and more pleasant than that. Plus, we love the cast. We’re fans of almost every actor on here (Thomas Sadoski, Colin Hanks, Besty Brandt, Zoe Lister-Jones, James Brolin, Dianne Wiest). And the small part with Jordan Peele: awesome.

What We Didn’t: Look, the trailer wasn’t that funny. There were some chuckles; but overall, a good amount of the jokes fell flat. It was like, they lingered on scenes when they should have cutaway. They were counting on awkward more than pinpoint jokes, and it didn’t help them here.

Overall: The show has potential, so we think the show will get better over the 3 episodes. Plus, it’ll be backed by Big Bang Theory. So, it already has CBS’s vote of confidence.

Limitless: When a drug NZT is taken, one character knows everything in an instant. That makes a lot of people nervous (Tuesdays, 10p).

What We Liked: Obviously, BRADLEY COOPER! Also, it’s pretty awesome knowing exactly how much strength your hand has or how to cross a busy street without being hit or knowing at what point the train will stop if you put yourself in front of one. It’s just cool! It’s just freakin’ cool. Also, adding dire consequences if you tell others about taking the drug is a nice way to keep it a secret. Especially when the guy threatening it is BRADLEY COOPER! Also, nice to see Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) again.

What We Didn’t: But a whole series of this? We don’t know. Also, the way it gets introduced, the guy takes the drug. So…why doesn’t the agents take the drug and know everything? Wouldn’t that take out the middleman? Sure, it’s not okay to consume an illegal drug, but if you’re gonna let him do it anyway, then take the darn thing. Also, we’re not 100% convinced Jake McDorman (Greek, Manhattan Love Story) can pull this off (although we know he can do drama better than comedy). And though it’s nice seeing Carpenter doesn’t mean we’re 100% on board either.

Overall: We’ll watch this because the premise is so much fun. But we feel like three episodes in, there won’t be much room to go, so we anticipate leaving. But it’s placed after the NCIS franchise, so it has a fair chance.

Code Black: It’s the next ER. Or, at least it’s trying to be [A Code Black is when there are more patients than there are resources in the hospital] (Wednesdays, 10p).

What We Liked: We’re pretty impressed. It has the extreme factor, the high stakes factor, people we can cheer for, and it’s not Grey’s Anatomy (Hooray!). Marcia Gay Harden (The Newsroom) is a boss, and Luis Guzman is a sweet, but stern Momma nurse. Plus, that C-section in an ambulance: Daaaaaang.

What We Didn’t: It’s overly melodramatic. I mean, we get it, they save lives and audiences have to feel attached to the patients to feel something. But the shows’ attempts at humor kind of hit bad notes, and because it was so melodramatic, when they reveal people’s deaths, it didn’t hit as hard. Also, can we abandon the whole “we’re all new, so guide us through the hospital like we’re the audience” thing? It’s old. We’re smarter than that now.

Overall: We will watch it, though we don’t know how well it’ll do post-Criminal Minds. It’s not an 100% great demo match.

Angel From Hell: Jane Lynch is a guardian angel. Though she holds the angel title a bit loosely (Thursdays, 10p starting November 5th).

What We Liked: We’re fans of Maggie Lawson (Psych), so we’re glad she’s in this series. Her and Jane’s chemistry, while not perfect, is headed in the right direction and could improve over the episodes. And there’s a mini Traffic Light reunion too. No one remembers that show BUT WE DO. 

What We Didn’t: Since Touched by An Angel, no show featuring angels have ever done well (No, the show Angel does not count). Now, we’re not saying people shouldn’t try, but it’s not a good track record. Also, Jane Lynch’s portrayal of a guardian angel: not entirely buying it. Plus, we think all the jokes from the show were used in the trailer, and we’re not sure people will find the pilot that funny…because they’ve already heard the jokes. Jokes feel flat.

Overall: We’ll give it 3 episodes, but we’re not optimistic about the show passing Season 1.

That’s our take, but what’s yours? What shows are you excited about? Or what shows did you really dislike?

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