Time for our 2nd snap judgment, this time for the 2nd network to release their new schedule for 2015: FOX.

I think the big shocker (which really wasn’t that big of one, but still for what it was…) was the announcement American Idol will reach its final season. We also did thought X-Files would be a bigger deal for FOX in the Fall, but we understand this being Idol’s last year, they might save the show as a lead-out in Mid-Season. Also, we were a little surprised New Girl moved to Midseason, in preference for two newer, yet older skewing comedies (Stamos and Lowe are, while attractive, not young). But besides Idol, we didn’t see much of anything that was a shock.

So on to the new shows of 2015 for the FOX lineup: 2 comedies, 2 dramas, 1 horror-comedy series. Let’s do this.

Minority Report: Yep. A Steven Spielberg film turned into a TV show. A man can see every murder before it happens (due to being experimented on as a child), and enlists in the help of a cop to prevent these future murders from happening (Mondays, 9p).

What We Like: Of course, this was already a proven movie, so it has that sort of backing. Plus, it’s Spielberg. We can’t deny the premise is interesting, and the technology will be fun to watch.

What We Didn’t: But the premise has a lot of holes. In America, it’s innocent until proven guilty, so if you stop a murder before it happens, then it didn’t happen. So..techincally…they’re innocent, and the worst you could nab them for is conspiracy to murder. But even so, if you stopped this program to identify crime before it happened, and then crime rose; wouldn’t the ends justify the means? It’s enough of a question where this entire premise semi-collapses. And also, what’s the long-term story here? Finding the other brother? We don’t know. This sounds like Almost Human all over again, FOX’s futuristic cop drama two years back: an interesting premise that ultimately becomes uninteresting. People will come, but I don’t think they’ll stay. Plus, sci-fi shows are a tough sell on network TV.

Overall: We’ll give it 3 episodes, but we feel it’s probably not gonna stick around after season one. Gotham‘s not strong enough to push a renewal for this show.

Grandfathered: John Stamos, an upscale restaurant owner, has it all…until a guy comes to his door revealing he’s his son….and oh, that son has a child too. Oy! (Tuesdays, 8p).

What We Liked: Once you get past the premise, the show holds up okay. Josh Peck returns to TV (which is nice), and there were some laugh out loud moments in the trailer. For instance, Stamos is discussing whether he wants a family or not, and it’s framed so you think he’s talking to someone. You think it’s Josh Peck and the kid. But no, it’s the entire restaurant. With Josh Peck and the kid. It was pretty funny. And, we have a sassy black women. What else could you want in a comedy? John Stamos is John Stamos: You get what you pay for there. Plus, a Bob Saget appearance made today worth living.

What We Didn’t: I mean, the premise is just blah. Also, shows about babies tend not to do well, Raising Hope being the exception (and the kid there was surprisingly rarely in the show itself anyways). And looking back at those laugh out loud moments, one of them was changing the diaper of the wrong baby. How could that even possibly happen?

Overall: We’ll give this three episodes. Tuesdays are a tough crowd in comedy for FOX, so we’ll see.

The Grinder: Rob Lowe plays a charismatic, popular TV actor (Dean) who recently returns home after his popular show ends with the desire to actually practice law. Without taking the bar. This bothers his brother (Stewart), who’s an actual lawyer, and while intelligent doesn’t know how to communicate well. I’m sure they’ll combine skills at some point (Tuesdays, 8:30p).

What We Liked: Can we just say everything, and be done with this section? Seriously, though. Everything about this was funny. Rob Lowe is spot on hilarious, Fred Savage is baaaaacccccckkk (The Wonder Years, anyone? Winnie freakin’ Cooper, anybody?) and his personality matches perfectly with Lowe’s. The supporting cast is just that, supporting. The chemistry in the trailer alone was just all around fun.

What We Didn’t: Perhaps what makes this show funny could be its downfall. So is every single episode going to be the same argument between Lowe and Savage? Because while that might work for one season, I’m not entirely sure they could do that forever. And at a certain point in the season, someone will have to make Lowe’s character unable to practice law, or something of that sort. So while fun, it might take some convincing for us to go along with it.

Overall: So far, our favorite comedy. Which isn’t saying much. Since we’ve only reviewed a total of 4 comedies at this point (thanks to NBC). Gut feeling: This show will see a 2nd season.

Scream Queens: A sorority may have a serial killer among them. Honestly, that’s all we know. (Tuesdays, 9p).

What We Like: We know Ryan Murphy’s involved. We know Jamie Lee Curtis, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Lea Michele, & Emma Roberts are involved. We know it’s a horror-comedy. Honestly, do we need anymore? Plus, it’s being so secretive, ti must be good.

What We Didn’t: They’re being so secretive; this must be really bad.

Overall: We’ll watch 3 episodes since it’s obviously FOX’s priority new show. So. We’ll see. I’m told you shouldn’t bet against Ryan Murphy. It’s usually pretty good advice.

Rosewood: Morris Chestnut plays Miami’s top private pathologist. He works with a tough-as-nails woman detective. It’s reverse Bones, if you will. Except it’s CSI-type crimes.

What We Like: The last few years, FOX has been going pretty dark, so it’s nice to see a show with pure blue skies above for once. Morris Chestnut does his charming self, and we like the twist he has only a certain amount of time left to live. We also like his cop partner, played by Jaina Lee Ortiz (oh. look. a pattern of strong women. That’s not because of ABC at all, they said sarcastically).

What We Didn’t: But, let’s all sit back and really look at this: It’s FOX’s CSI: Miami. Nothing original here. Granted, they haven’t done a CSI-like show since…Backstrom..,. But I’ll grant them this, this does look better than Backstrom.

Overall: We’ll give it 3 episodes. On its own merits, we don’t think the show is that great. However, FOX programmed this perfectly on a lesser popular Wednesday night (against ABC’s The Middle & The Goldbergs, NBC’s Law Wednesdays, & CBS’s weaker than average Wednesday lineup). So the show not only has a chance, but those who’ll watch Empire afterwards will definitely catch what this show’s about. We think it’ll get a 2nd season order. Gut-checking, of course.

Mid-Season Extras (since Scream Queens disappointed us):

The Frankenstein Code: Old man gets killed. People bring him back to life as younger self. Old man who’s now younger man finds out the people who killed him are after his son. It’s looks pretty cool.

Overall: We are totally watching that. It’s a Frankenstein version I’m actually looking forward to see.

Lucifer: The Devil retires from hell and…has fun in LA? Oh and he helps solve crimes with his charm.

Overall: I mean, really? On a serious note, shows like this never make it past episode 4, so we’re giving this show zero chances to win audiences over.

Bordertown: An animated series, headlined by a white border control officer who lives in an immigrant U.S. town on the border. His best friend is mexican. Oh boy, the shenanigans!

Overall: We will not be watching this show. Bad, bad show.

The Guide to Surviving Life: Recently graduated, these four friends decide to act like children.

Overall: No. Just. No.

What did you guys of the FOX Upfronts? Is there a favorite new FOX show you’re interested in seeing?

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