Telemazing: The Webseries

We’re incredibly excited for this new chapter in the life of the blog. We’re gonna be creating a new, weekly webseries called Telemazing, which takes a bird’s-eye view at the state of television. With a designated host, panelists will engage in discussions and debates about comedies and dramas, along with recommending shows and the occasional look at niche genres (e.g. British shows, sci-fi, reality, anime, etc). In a nutshell, Telemazing is a show for people and by people who love TV. If you love television, love talking about television, or even just a causal viewer, we want you involved.

Now, we’re not saying “involved” by just watching the show (which we, of course, would love for you to do). We want your opinions. We NEED your opinions! Agree, disagree, on the fence about a show: we want to know! This is a place to talk about television with everybody! Well, okay, with as many people as we can muster up in the beginning. But we’re dreaming big and going big. We’re recording the show in a studio with a decently-sized production crew, already have amazing panelists on board (and the chemistry is off-the-charts ridiculous), and planning a 2nd clip-based webseries called On The Couch (w.t.). We’re looking at collaborating with other YouTubers as we speak, and have actually been talking to YouTube, where our idea gained moral support among some peers. And we’re not short-sighting this show either. We have plans for what we want to do in Season 2, which includes having live shows with a studio audience. But we’ll get there when we get there.

We’ll be starting a Kickstarter in a little over a week, and we have amazing backer prizes. But ultimately, we want to create a project we, you, and our parents can be proud of. Because nothing’s better than mom’s approval of life choices. Give us a shot, and you’ll be a proud member of the Telemazing team.

Our campaign began this week, so support us here! Also, Like our Facebook page for updates. That’s how you’ll get the most out of Telemazing. You can also follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our Youtube channel, where we’ll have something new for you everyday during the campaign.

So get excited! We’re gonna be watching, talking, and debating television. Differently.

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