Short Review: Undateable (S2/E3)

This is the episode of Undateable I’ve been waiting for.

With the first episode as a re-fresher for viewers and episode two introducing Candace to the group (Bridget Mendler), this was the “Coming Out” episode. And it delivered. It was the best episode of the new season.

Remember when I said this show was about fun? Yeah, this episode was it. The lovely and ex-girlfriend of Justin last season, Nicki, returned to Detroit to announce her engagement. Of course, Justin doesn’t take this well. So Danny spends time getting Justin adjusted to this unfortunate change, and Justin keeps it together. Until Nicki’s fiancee states Nicki would have gone back to Justin had he followed her to Lansing at the end of last season. This. Causes. Mayhem. On the flip-plot, Burski (Rick Glassman) has been wanting to be with Leslie (Bianca Kajlich) since Day One of the series. But in a game of “What Would Burski Do To Bone Leslie”, he accidentally chooses “boning” Leslie even if he couldn’t see her ever again. Leslie gets upset he choose sex over their friendship, and uses the rest of the episode to torture him for his decision.

One of the few things I sincerely enjoy about this show is the writers taking something simple, and going out of their way to make it as socially awkward as possible. But while it may go overboard, it never truly feels like it is. It’s just part of the character’s DNA. Like when Justin meets Nikki for the first time since the breakup last season, Nicki says she probably shouldn’t have popped in. Justin reassures her, saying she can, of course, “pop” in. Then he overuses the word “pop”. And then…well, it’s better to just watch it. Did you watch it yet? If you did, you get it. But that’s just how Justin is. He gets nervous, then overly nervous, and then…awkward stupidity takes over. And that’s the beauty of it: that’s our buddy Justin. And we’re stuck with him.

I also like how each character knows each other so well now. Like how the team swooped in to “Save Justin“. Or how Leslie knows how to torture Burski. It’s the characters’ weird way of looking out for each other. Yes, it tends to be Danny (Chris D’Elia) having those moral moments with Justin. But the others have their moments too. Leslie teaches Bruski about respecting their friendship (deserving). Last episode, Brett and Candace learned about his worth in dating (by the way, episode 2 was a very solid episode, I just got super busy and by the time I was free, I was more inspired to write about episode 3). They are all undateable. Meaning they all have to make each other better, and shame the other when he or she strays. Or else you go to trial. Or a voice-over fight. You pick your poison. Just kidding. You don’t.

So at the end of the day, Undateable is truly back.

Ratings had Undateable doing well for episode 3 with NO new The Voice. So here’s to Undateable making it on NBC. And to 9 more seasons.

Oh, and they brought back the mini-monologue at the end of the intro! Life is complete!

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