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I have returned! My reasons, and what to look forward to.

I wrote a piece about NBC’s cancellations guaranteeing NBC’s the #1 network title for the year. And then I disappeared for two weeks. For 2 reasons:

1) That first week, I wanted a break. Actually, I needed a break. I’d written non-stop for weeks, heck months. I tried the whole “take a break” Thursdays, but that just double booked me for the weekends. So I needed a week off. While I love talking about television, writing is the only available outlet I have. And while I like writing, I don’t love writing. So writing everyday became taxing. So I took a break that first week.

2) That second week: it was my birthday. So I was just busy all week long.

But now I have returned, with a written Pilot Review of State of Affairs on the way sometime tonight, the 3rd episode of Constantine sometime afterwards. But I wanted to keep you in the loop: I have not disappeared. Just took a break.

And while I have you all on the line, I have been thinking about doing a YouTube webseries of show reviews. It wouldn’t just be me rambling about how good/bad a show is. I would have panelists, a show format similar to ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, except with more people and segments broken up by tier (broadcast, cable, premium+streaming), then by genre (comedy, drama, and reality) with the occasional top industrial news. It might not happen, but if a ton of people are in support of it, I’d be down to give it a go. Write me what you think, whether you like the idea, or would rather it just be a podcast, or if there’s just so many of these type of shows it’s not worth putting my hat in the ring.

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