Short Review: Black-ish (S1/E6)

Another Halloween episode. Snore.

Yet I gotta say, this installment of Black-ish while predictable, was still simple and fun.

Dre (Anthony Anderson) and his family are really into pranks during the Halloween week. However, his elder daughter Zoey, the queen of pranks, doesn’t seem into pranks this year, disappointing Dre. Eventually, as he continues his pranks, his elder son Junior gets overly scared and dislikes pranks, bowing out as well. Eventually, the younger twins dislike the outfits for trick-or-treating, so they bowed out as well. This makes the King of Pranks (Dre) upset no one partakes in his antics and becomes sad. Until being alone at Halloween, he starts hearing sounds like someone was robbing the house. After overly freaking out, it was his family, all in to trick him. But he actually had to play the part to convincingly prank his family by having someone actually rob the house (his co-workers playing the robbers). The whole family fell for it, including Rainbow…who punched the “robber” in the face. So, it was high-jinks taken a little out of control. But at the end of the day, Dre got his family back. Enough to go trick-or-treating. As the Jackson 5. Plus Janet.

They’re a dance, dance, dance, dance, dancing machine. Watch them get down, watch them get down (Source: ABC)

The show has finally found its groove, and I have to say the improvements are very noticeable. The kids had a way better chemistry than the previous episode, and all the “scary” situations were actually really funny. the little things, like Dre finding out his wife tried to scare him and how she tried to play off like it was the twins, or Junior getting upset about geeky things…then sitting on a chair which is actually Dre in a chair-like suit, or the family ganging up on Junior for thinking a girl would call him. Okay, so perhaps that went a wee bit too far. but overall, the show has found its funny spots.

And, at least for this episode, being black was an after-thought. It was black people in scary situations, not how they were oppressed and had to get better. It was a light episode. It was simple. It was fun. And funny. Good laughs in this one.

I really had nothing else to add for this show. Huh. This might be the shortest review I’ve ever written.

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