Commentary Review: Manhattan Love Story (S1/E3)

COLD OPEN: This show is the most likely first cancelled show out of the new group of TV series, so I’m going make this a quick review.

ACT ONE: Yep, the critics were right. After three episodes, I conclude the “conscious” narrations were a bad idea. Every time I’m beginning to remotely enjoy the episode, the narrations put me back in my “frustrated place”. The first two episodes, there were some jems. Brilliant jems. But the one time it worked doesn’t equal the 7-8 other times it didn’t. For this episode, I couldn’t come up with one jem.

ACT TWO: Another reason the show isn’t working: just look at the supporting cast. Nothing matches. At all. Most unconvincing couple of the year goes to….Amy and David. This week’s episode showed how: Amy is having a dinner party, but is supposed to be a narcissist about throwing the best parties. Which I never felt. Even once. With David, her husband, being the chillest character I know on TV, this couple don’t seem to match up. They aren’t convincing, which is probably why the Peter and Dana’s relationship loses traction: there’s no relationship to compared it to…since Amy and David never seem to look like they’re in a relationship in the first place.

Yes, Amy and Dana. This show is a mess (Source: ABC).

ACT THREE: Finally, Peter and Dana’s relationship was incredible doomed from the start. First, the idea of Amy setting Dana up with close friend Peter immediately after Dana moves to NYC is bizarre. That’s defines an awkward situation, a point solidified with Peter and Dana crying in the first episode. But then the second episode happened, where I took down my guard. While everything else went to crap, the Peter-Dana dating experience was the most realistic in the then 2-episode series. The meeting with the other girl Peter’s dating, the bickering on the non-2nd date, Dana going out to date through Tinder:  I really thought they were making the right adjustments into modern Mad About You era. But then, this episode happened, which was determining whether Dana was naïve (buying a fake Gucchi purse, dating a British guy she didn’t know was gay). The only realistic event in this episode was Peter cancelling his date to be with Dana at the dinner party. An action wrapped around a well-intentioned meaning (HE WANTS TO BE EXCLUSIVE WITH YOU!) and Dana blows past it, assuming he thinks she can’t find a date. But other than that, this episode crashed and burned. I mean, a sexually-designed trophy making the company look bad, but then the sister covers him by selling it to a porn awards show. I mean, reading that line was more entertaining than the actual scenes.

THE CONCLUSION: MHS had the opportunity to become the modern Mad About You, and chose to go elsewhere. The quality was bad, the title was horrible, and the acting was sub-par. I’m incredibly disappointed, and upset the hours spent writing reviews for this show were wasted. I should I spent more time writing reviews for A to Z.

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