Commentary Review (N.P. Edition): Gracepoint (S1/E2)

N.P. Edition is Commentary Review with “no plot” (N.P.) explanation; best for people who watched the episode.

COLD OPEN: The show isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot of fun to watch the gradual decline of the city, along with the heightened suspicion of it being anyone in the small town of Gracepoint.  

Gracepoint is really good; it’s too bad many people don’t know it (Source: Washington Post)

ACT ONE: Can I say that love David Tennant in his role of Det. Carver? We learn more about the detective and why he ends up in Gracepoint after a previously botched case. With his drug use, will he be able to focus to find these killers of Danny Solano? Perhaps he’s an operating drug addict…that would be interesting. Also, Anna Gunn is better than I thought she would be. So kudos to her portrayal of Det. Miller. We uncover more about the mystery behind Danny Solano’s murder, along with the city characters around the town. It was cool to have an episode about eliminating suspects, which is a process that no one really talks about. I also really like how Gracepoint is taking a nice, leisurely pace. We have 10 episodes to solve this murder: we’re not going to rush it to tie this whole thing with a nice little bow, but we’re also not going to be slow about it either (unlike a certain new, highly rated ABC drama we all know…).

ACT TWO: Since I first laid eyes on Susan Wright, I had a bad feeling about her. And we finally find out why: she has the kid’s skateboard! Are you kidding me? It’s right there, Tennant! RIGHT. THERE! So she’ll be more involved at some point. Also, can we talk about something here: yes, Mrs. Solano wants to get out of the house, but she should have known the risk of leaving would draw attention towards her. People are such a mystery to me. You know the women’s son got murdered; are you all really going to stare at her and not offer any help or condolences? You’re just going to let her scream in a parking lot? Dang, society. But one person to the emotional rescue was the Reverend Paul Coates, to whom we’re finally introduced with an obvious history with Mrs. Solano. A former relationship? Proposal? Engagement? Whatever it was, it lit a fuse with Mr. Solano, enough to intimidate Coates later in the show….for the shortest conversation for such a long walk. Perhaps a good talking-to over the phone would have sufficed. I also liked the random dad questioning Det. Miller at the park in front of her family, because it’s so natural for a dad to blow up at someone when they’re scared. It’s so real-life: you have to find time for your family in a difficult time, but also…there is a killer lose among the masses. A tough line that needed to be seen on the show. So eloquently done.

ACT THREE: Reporter Renée Clemons rubs me the wrong way, don’t you think? Steal the toy monkey, only to return it b/c “someone would steal it”. Really? Would someone really?! So it was an excuse to give her your number. And she’s a teenage girl, of course she’s going to call it at some point. Gah, I hate how reporters are portrayed in shows like these. They want the story, but few are this manipulative. Also, there might be a history between her and Det. Carver, so that will be an interesting find. A few serious clues led us to believe that Mr. Solano is the lead suspect in his own kid’s murder. Mr. Solano isn’t really helping his case though, so I’m really looking forward to episode 3. So we’ll see.

THE CONCLUSION: Gracepoint is absolutely under-rated. Yes, one could watch Broadchurch (and they should, I’ll be watching the 2nd episode soon). But if accents aren’t your thing, you should watch Gracepoint and encourage others to do so too. Everyone acts so well, and. I like where the mystery leads us. But the best part about Gracepoint is that it could easily not be Mr. Solano either. It could literally be anyone in that town. I like a whodunit show if you can pull it off well, and so far, I am in the game. Sad how this show gets very low ratings, yet Resurrection (ABC) is the show that gets more credit.  

What did you guys think? Is the show as good as I think it is, or should I slow my horses?


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