How’s Your Show Doing: Wednesday (10/9)

On this past Wednesday, October 9th: Brief Show Rankings, Black-ish leaps towards a 2nd season, Red Band Society is dead in the water, and other news.


Top 5:  Modern Family (ABC)  /  Black-ish (ABC)  /  Survivor (CBS)  /  (tied) The Goldbergs (ABC) + Criminal Minds (CBS)
Bottom 2: The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)  /  Red Band Society (FOX)


BLACK-ISH is excited about their full-season order (Source: Huff Post)

While Selfie and Manhattan Love Story struggle on Tuesdays, Wednesdays is an absolutely different story. The Middle and Modern Family remain strong in their timeslots, The Goldbergs in their new timeslot has experienced no sophomore slump as they actually have built onto their The Middle lead-in. But the best news was that new post-Modern Family show Black-ish may have found its new home. While we shouldn’t jump the gun too soon, the 3rd episode actually gained 3 tenths of a rating point above their 2nd episode with a 2.9.

It also helps that in the first week of the TV season, 2 of the Wednesday comedies were in the top 5 highest-rated programs for high-income viewersModern Family was #1, with Black-ish hanging at #5 (with The Goldbergs nabbing #11, and The Middle #13).

So it makes absolute sense for ABC to pick up a full season order for Black-ish.* And deserving so. Not one rookie series leading out Modern Family (Super Fun Night, Happy Endings, and Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23) has ever rose in ratings within its first 3 episodes, making Black-ish Modern Family‘s most successful lead-out program to date.

So yeah. Get those 22 episodes filled.

*Networks very rarely order a full season order initially; they wait a couple of episodes later to decide if they want the show to return in the mid-season. 


Smiling faces are quite opposite of the show’s premise…and now its outlook too. (Source: FOX)

FOX is not having a great season. In a season where CBS, ABC, and NBC had more viewers in week 2 compared to a year ago, FOX stumbled. Sleepy Hollow & The Following have fallen on harsh times, vets Bones and Hell’s Kitchen haven’t pulled the numbers they once did, Utopia has been a major disappointment, and with exception to Gotham, the rookies haven’t been doing so hot either. But the worst scripted has been Red Band Society. The new show was supposed to bring back the Glee audience; however FOX probably should have realized that the fact people don’t watch Glee doesn’t mean they want another one.

Red Band Society in its 3rd week was the 2nd rookie scripted show hit below a 1.0 rating (behind Manhattan Love Story the day before). But at least MLS has some hope with the chance lead-in Selfie could grow (little chance, but it’s still there). RBS has no such luck, with veteran Hell’s Kitchen. The show itself, quality-wise, isn’t necessarily terrible. But it’s not great either. I don’t think it’s that deserving of being the lowest series now. But it is.


As we all know, CBS just continues to dominate everything ever. They do tend to produce at least one good new drama a year, and it’s turning out that Stalker is no exception. On its 2nd week, it’s 1.7 rating from its premiere 2.0 rating had a higher retention from the previous week. It outrated Chicago PD (NBC) and Nashville (ABC) the past two weeks, and on a quality standpoint, the show’s 2nd ep was pretty solid. At the very least, the show’s eerie premise should last the rest of the fall. But, to play devil’s advocate, CSI had better ratings in the same timeslot at this time last year and was banished to the 10pm Sunday slot. Perhaps they’ll see where the show goes, but seeing CBS’s high rating standards, I’m saying the show’s alright for now.


We all know my views on this dreadful show, which is why NBC programming placing it on Wednesday’s before a ton of police procedurals was quite wise on their part to give the show the best chance. But it’s 4th episode slipped to a 1.3 rating, making it now the 4th place show in the timeslot, losing its 3rd slot to ailing Hell’s Kitchen (FOX). This might be the nail in the coffin, since the show’s quality has always been dreadful for me. But I’m not calling it quite yet. NBC tends to give shows with star power at least until the mid-season, and Live+7 ratings could buy it a few more eps. But be noted: no way this show survives the year.


None since I don’t remember what happened on Wednesday. But big news for Thursday.

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