No Post Thursdays

Hey all,

All the Thursday shows will be written about on Friday.

I’m a disappointment, I know. I’ve written everyday after work for 11 straight days; and in the last 3 days, I’ve written two posts per day. Even yesterday, I wrote 3 articles. For me (considering I’ve never done this before), this is crazy! I came home right after work, watched the shows, wrote reviews about them, and repeated…for 11 days in a row. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it. But I should, you know, go out on dates and make new friends and stuff. So I’m instituting a “No Post Thursdays”. Any show that was on Thursdays will be written about on Friday. So Friday (and possibly going into Saturday), I’ll write about Gracepoint, A to Z, and How To Get Away With Murder. Saturday, I’ll write my “Bullet Points” of the week article. Sunday, I’ll be writing my Pilot Review of Mulaney. Sometime between now and Sunday, I’ll be posting an editorial of my top 5 picks of returning shows that I predict will be cancelled. So taking a one-day break every once in a while is good. Happy Thursday! Or at this point, I hope you had a happy Thursday.

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