I Won An Award?

Such a lovely consideation

My dear and lovely follower lisettek nominated me for an award called the “One Lovely Blog Award”, in which certain bloggers can nominate you for. However, when researching the award, I couldn’t find any official documentation or research about it. So I assumed it was similar to an email chain, where you pass it forward to increase readability across the blog world. The rules stated that to win, I had to state 7 things about myself and nominate 15 bloggers for the award. For one, I can only nominate people for blogs that I not only follow, but that I trust is giving accurate and fun information. That’s a bit difficult since I’ve only been blogging for two weeks and, well, I’ve been busy watching a lot of pilots and writing about them (and having a day job). For two, writing 7 things about myself is kind of pointless since I have 3 different About Me pages. Seriously. Three. What more could you possibly want to know about me?!

But lisettek was so nice in nominating me among 15 others, I felt a duty to at least give you one thing about me and a few bloggers I think you should pay attention to.

So one thing about me: Pad Thai is my favorite food. Hands down. I could seriously have it all day, everyday, and be completely fine with my life.

But seriously, I’ve been floored by the amount of support I’ve been getting the last few days. I didn’t know I’d spread my readership this much this fast. While it’s unimpressive to anyone who’s been blogging about television for a while, it’s so impressive to me. So thank you for every single one of my visitors who’ve come and read my reviews or articles. I completely appreciate it.

Now, here’s 4 bloggers I want to recommend:

1) lisettek‘s blog, SnobHotel, where she rates the best hotels in the most amazing places in the world. Seriously, she travels to these insane places and stays in these luxurious hotels which she reviews. It makes me want to change my career to whatever she’s doing. So want vacation ideas? Hit SnobHotel up.

2) Geekritique is a way better TV review site than mine with a sci-fi specialty. He reviews all the shows I watch (Doctor Who, Agents of Shield, Gotham, etc.) along with book, movies, trailer, news, anything geek-media-related. Really impressive site and very in-depth reviews. Absolutely worth the look at his work.

3) General Tso’s Revenge is my favorite site on WordPress. Co-creator Daniel P. Finney and I have had comments back and forth from his television reviews, and I admire his diligent work. Daniel posts at least twice everyday. I strive to be as consistent, and it’s nice to talk to someone about television. Plus, they do really cool side articles, like Saucy Sundays (cute girls being cute) and Morning Mixtape (videos/songs of the day). If there’s anyone I look up to on this site, it’s these guys.

4) Lastly, uglyprettypeople is the sweetest girl ever. We’ve bonded as NPR fans, and I’d be silly not to include this bundle of sunshine of a blog. Her posts are literally a moment of her life, like a small slice of pie, and pretty good pie. And she’s so nice, guys. SO nice. Comment on her stuff, she’s crazy cool.

So I guess I unintentionally nominated these guys for the award then, huh? Well, they deserve it anyways, more so than myself. But thank you again for the nomination and I appreciate all of my readers out there.

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