Commentary Review: Gotham (S1/E2)


Commentaty Review: I watch the show, I scribble some notes as I watch. It’ll be fun. Today, Gotham: Selina Kyle (Season 1, Episode 2). Every network 2nd episode is usually the series first real episode as a series, but the show got the greenlight beforehand, so it shouldn’t be too different from its premiere episode. Hint-hint: there are spoilers here so…you’ve been warned.

  • Did Bruce Wayne really try to conquer fear that young by putting his hand on fire? Really?
  • Plot of the week: Homeless kids are getting kidnapped by two kidnappers who use a pin with some sleep thing, so Gordon & Co. are on the case. Oh, and Selina Kyle witnessed the whole thing. I mean, it is her episode this time around.
  • OMG, IT’S CORY FROM THAT’S SO RAVEN! And he’s homeless. That’s kind of depressing.
  • Gordon and Bullock fighting in a precinct was interesting. But when Bullock knees the “new shoes” guy, you can literally feel the city slipping slowly into choas…

  • Frat guys picking up Penguin on the side of road in an Escalade. Yep. Instantly I’m like…they’re dead.
    • Hey look, he stabbed them…but how did the car not go out of control and put Penguin in a bad accident? Details….
  • I’m sorry, throughout Mooney and Falcone’s conversation, I’m here going what is Mooney’s motivation for power again? I mean, everyone wants power, but it’s motivated by something like revenge. What’s Monney’s driver? Everyone has something, and I’m not getting hers at all. I think that’s what bothers me about this character.
  • I’m sorry. I don’t like Mrs. Gordon. I don’t. She doesn’t fit.
  • Gordon and Bullock visit Mooney for information. This using the same bad guy as the middle man between the cops and the crooks is becoming the only way these stories can progress…not very investigative at all. But I guess I understand: Falcone (her superior) does have cops on the payroll, which explains the earlier scene with Gordon being upset with the cop for being late to secure a crime scene, who explained he was being paid $50 bucks to look over a diner…could that be Falcone? If so, nice foreshadowing there.
  • Gordon and Bullock go to the pharmacy and the kidnappers get away. But Gordon and Bullock literally watch them roll away. Wait, wait, wait, so you can’t jump into your car and chase them? Since you know, cops have a speeding car and kidnappers have a heavy bus? I think we all know who would have won, but hey, we gotta fill 35 more minutes.
  • Gordon saves the day by finding the kidnapped kids in the back of the pharmacy. Oh happy day!
    • Side note: I’m really liking Gotham’s format of Gordon getting a big victory in the middle of an episode, with another layer for the 2nd half. Most cop shows don’t do this very well. So accolades to Bruno Heller.
  • Penguin rents a mobile home. Oh. Yeah? That’s really it for that scene? Okay, that’s really it for that scene.
  • Mayor announces he’s taking homeless kids into foster care, but those with priors are going “upstate”, known as a youth detention center. Selina Kyle is one of them. Which, by the way, where are her sunglasses? What the what?
  • Gordon mouths off to the mayor, that the kids are being sent to prison without a trial. Gordon’s got a good point. Just when I was beginning to like the mayor (played greatly by Richard Kind).
  • Selina Kyle gets on the passenger bus and tells a kid to protect himself by scratching the eyes. Oh, and surprise, the kidnappers are kidnapping her bus. Probably should have seen it coming, but still really good surprise!
  • Okay, the way Selina got away from the kidnappers is slightly bogus, BUT it was still cool.
  • Random guy comes out and has eyes scratched out. Well, Selina is catwomen….so….
  • Gordon figures it all out (thanks to pharmacy guy who was in on the kidnapping) and BOOM, saves Selina Kyle right before she got shot. Not that she was appreciative of it at all. I mean seriously, I know it’s Gotham, but a thank you would be nice, don’t you think?
  • Gordon visits Wayne Manor and speaks to Alfred when Bruce comes out of nowhere. Alfred to Bruce: “I told you not to sneak in like that, it’s bloody rude!” I laughed out loud at that. Best moment of the episode. Bruce also donates money for the kids to have new clothes. Nice guy for a dark soul at the moment.
  • Selina doesn’t want to go to Juvi, so she demands to see Gordon or she will say scream that a man touched her. Selina is the sort of feisty, although I think in Gotham people would take the policeman’s word for it. But whatever, it’s fine.
  • Yes, Penguin isn’t good with negotiating ransoms for kidnapping. But this whole episode consisted of 4 scenes, 3 of them completely boring.
  • Selina Kyle tells Gordon that she knows who killed the Waynes. It’s on next episode!

Overall, the episode was more on the weak side. It was slightly predictable, and the whole episode revolving around Selina had her say nothing until 35 minutes in. But, with all that said, it was still fun to watch. Looking forward to ep 3!

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