Bullet Points 9/27

Every week, I take everything I’ve seen, watched, or read this week TV related. Then, I put it in here for short bullet points. 

  • How crazy fun was this week in TV show ratings? So many highs this time around
  • I think I did a bad job with my predictions this year; not looking so hot for 2-3 shows.
  • The Voice (NBC) is back and just as fun as it’s always been for me
  • I’m glad The Blacklist (NBC) is back, but I’m so behind that I might have to put it on the backburner until I finish all the new pilot shows
  • Bones (FOX) season premiere: one word: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Everything that I found charming in the Red Band Society (FOX) pilot is now completely annoying in the 2nd episode. Is it me, or is it them?
  • Mysteries of Laura (NBC) is baffling me. With no lead-in help, the 2nd episode retained 75% of its audience from its pilot. I mean, congrats; but this show is horrible so far (sorry, Debra).
  • I can’t wait until The Flash can get here. Hurry up, CW!
  • Gotham (FOX) was so good, I’m actually excited for Mondays now. Mondays have so many good shows, it may establish itself as the 2nd strongest night of the week across the networks.
  • Scorpion (CBS) wasn’t necessarily disappointing, but I do foresee character problems.
  • The Dunphys of Modern Family (ABC) were spectacularly hilarious in the show’s season debut. Those other two families? Meh.
  • The Goldbergs (ABC) came back funnier than when we left them. I’ve been cheering for this show since day 1 and so I’m glad it’s resting comfortably on the Wednesday lineup.
  • Black-ish (ABC) has the makings of an incredibly solid show. But I’ve been hearing cracklings of people being nervous laughing at black jokes with such a serious premise. Could that ultimately hurt the show?
  • Doctor Who (BBC/BBC America)…I mean, there’s always just so much to say…
  • How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) is probably named “How To Get Out Of Last Place” in ABC headquarters
  • Madam Secretary (CBS) is very solid, that walk-talk scene towards the end was very West Wing.
  • Next week, I’m looking forward to Brooklyn 9-9 (FOX), Family Guy-Simpson crossover (FOX), Manhattan Love Story (ABC), Stalker (CBS), and Gracepoint (FOX).
  • Also guessing that our first cancellation of the season will be this coming week. I’m calling Red Band Society if the show keeps falling ratings wise. They’re already at a 1.0 rating on episode 2.
  • The first numbers of Live+3 (adding DVR ratings 3 days after the show’s first broadcast) have come in. Gotham outdid everyone, raising their rating to a 5.0 (from a 3.2). They ended up tying The Voice for 2nd best “Live+3” of the night behind Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  • I think I’m going to watch an episode of Broadchurch (BBC/BBC America) before I watch Gracepoint (FOX), and do that for each episode so I can compare the two.

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