My 2014 New TV Series Fall Preview

It’s that time of year again. THE NEW TELEVISION SEASON IS UPON US! I get excited about football season, but the TV season is what I live for. And mostly, so I can tell you if a show is really worth investing in or not. So that way you can wait until it shows up on Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime to binge watch it eventually.

Last year, among ranking the 20 new network TV shows, I accurately predicted 4 of 5 shows to be cancelled, accurately predicted 7 of 9 shows to be renewed .  So a 11-3 record ain’t bad. But I also had the help of watching 3 episodes before making a decision. But this year, I’m sacking up and making them BEFORE the premieres this time. It’ll be fun. I hope.

This year, NBC (last year’s #1 rated network), CBS (the network watched by the most people), ABC, FOX, and CW brought in 23 new fall shows combined. But watching 23 shows 3 episodes a piece is overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I can do it. But I’ll choose 4 shows not to even bother with [it’ll have a asterisk (*) next to the show title], which is chosen based on my prediction of performance and whether I like its premise at all. Last year, I didn’t watch 3 shows and came up correct (Betrayal, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, & Hostages). I also don’t include the alternative/reality shows programs, so Utopia (FOX) is out. For each new show, I state the show’s premise, my opinion on the show, mention a bias that could have hindered my opinion, and make a prediction to whether it’ll be renewed for a season 2. At the bottom, I list all the premieres as well. So without further ado, here are my picks of the new 2014-2015 TV season!

Note: By the way, there are technical definitions for multi-cam and single-cam comedies, which I mention in the premise. But put simply, multi-cam comedies have a laugh track (HIMYM, Friends); single-cam comedies don’t have a laugh track (Modern Family, Scrubs).

23. Selfie (ABC):

SELFIE might take itself….out of contention

Premise: A self-absorbed media-obsessed saleswomen (Karen Gillian, red head in picture) is taught to care more about people by an unemotional, serious marketing expert (John Cho; 2nd-most-left in photo) in this single-cam comedy.

Opinion: I love Karen Gillian (Doctor Who, Guardians of The Galaxy). Love her, love her, Love. Her. And I’m quite a fan of John Cho (Harold and Kumar, Sleepy Hallow). But combined, they’re just…not doing it for me. I watched the pilot, so I feel like I owe them two episodes. But so far, not feeling it.

Bias: Yeah, did you not just read my gush-fest above?

Premieres Tuesday, September 30, 8p (pilot available on Hulu now)

Prediction: Cancelled halfway through season.

22. A-Z (NBC):

A to zzzzZZZZZZZzzzzz….

Premise: The comedy follows a romantic, match-making guy (Ben Feldman) meeting a serious lawyer-type girl (Cristin Milioti).

Opinion: The problem with this show is that you already know what happens. In the pilot, they literally tell you exactly how long the relationship lasts. Plus, explain a relationship from “A to Z” episodically be a bit too cutsy, even for NBC. I also watched the pilot, so I’m looking to be proved wrong in the two episodes to come.

Bias: I mean, it’s Ted Mosby’s wife, guys. Of course I’m tuning in.

Premieres Thursday, October 2, 9:30p (pilot available on Hulu now)

Prediction: Cancelled 6 episodes in

21. Manhattan Love Story (ABC)

MANHATTAN LOVE STORY may not be complex enough for audiences. In plot or…in title.

Premise: The comedy of a new couple, and what they’re thinking. Literally. We actually hear what they are thinking.

Opinion: I have to say I’m actually quite interested in this show. But most people won’t. I’ll give it the 3 episodes. It’ll be a breathe of fresh air from the usual types of comedies. Plus, if Peep Show can be a success in Britain (which is pretty much a first-person account of two main characters, where we hear their thoughts constantly), this one should be fine. But we’re Americans…and out of the box thinking for comedies are never well received.

Bias: Co-lead man Jake McDorman (center-left) was on my ABC Family show, Greek, for 4 years. So I’ve been cheering for him ever since. He also had a cameo in The Newsroom. It was awesome. However, critics absolutely hate this show.

Premieres Tuesday, September 30, 8:30p

Prediction: Cancelled 2 episodes (it’ll be following a predicted, low-rated Selfie, so it’ll be even lower rated than that)

20. Mulaney (FOX)

MULANEY < Seinfeld. That’s all you need to know.

Premise: A mutli-cam comedy about John Mulaney life as a New York City-living comedian. So, yeah. It’s Seinfeld.

Opinion: I’m not opposed to this show, but I don’t find it funny. It is a different kind of comedy for FOX, since they usually stick with single-cam comedies as of recent. This will be a different pace for them, doing a multi-cam comedy and putting it on Sunday, putting an end to FOX’s Animation Domination. I don’t know if they scheduled this on Sunday because they have faith that the show could help football fans stick around on Sundays, or if they have small expectations since Family Guy (their lead-in) haven’t had spectacular ratings the last few seasons. Reading their expectations with this move is a tough call, but since it’s a weird schedule with a no-so funny premise, I’m guessing its probably not worth the watch.

Bias: 1) I’ve heard enough critics to say that this show is probably the most miserable new show of the bunch 2) Nasim Pedrad (SNL) will finally get a chance to showcase her acting. Since, let’s be honest, SNL really didn’t use her that much in the first place. So I’m cheering for her.

Premieres Sunday, October 5

Prediction: No season 2.

19. Bad Judge (NBC)*

BAD JUDGE-ment for a show pick up, honestly

Premise: A “work hard, party too hard” judge (Kate Walsh, pictured) is sudden given some responsibility: an 8-year old kid.

Opinion: It’s a Will Ferrell-produced show, so it has to be given a chance, right? Wrong. Does anyone remember Rake (FOX) last year? Or even Outlaw (NBC) 4 years back with Jimmy Smits? I thought not. It’s almost the same premise: main character is reckless but this time with the responsibility of children. So Rake/Outlaw meets Bad Teacher (CBS). This is just meh. It could potentially work if the child is entertaining, but I’m banking on this tanking. This is one of the 4 I’m picking not to watch. Only reason it’ll last longer is because it’ll have the The Biggest Loser lead-in.

Bias: Never been a huge fan of Kate Walsh. Neither were the critics (for this show, at least)

Premieres Thursday, October 2, 9p

Prediction: Cancelled halfway through season

18. The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)

THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA aren’t all that mysterious, really. Or that curious either.

Premise: A dramedy police procedural (so…Psych?) about a 40-something tough police detective balancing her work with her 2 kids at home…and a recent divorce from her husband.

Opinion: I’m not too interested in this show, but I understand that it could do some wonders for NBC. It’s a great timeslot (its biggest competition is Survivor, and they aren’t fighting for the same viewers; ABC’s The Middle & The Goldbergs, while solid, aren’t going to improve their ratings that much year-to-year). Plus, this show is a way better fit for NBC’s timeslot than two-season wonder Revolution (L&O: SVU at 9p, Chicago P.D. at 10p). I think the show could potentially survive its Wednesday timeslot. Could. But the quality is weird, like it can’t decide if it’s a drama or a comedy. It’s even weird for a dramedy. So it probably won’t survive past season one. It could. But probably won’t.

Bias: I’m okay with Debra Messing (Smash, Will & Grace). Otherwise, none. Critics say she still acts like a comedian in a drama.

Premieres Wednesday, September 24, 8p

Prediction: It’ll get cut by NBC. No season 2.

17. The McCarthys (CBS)

THE MCCARTHYs are alright. Mostly meh, but alright.

Premise: A multi-cam comedy about a Boston-residing family with a hysterical mom (Laurie Metcalf; Rosanne, Getting On, The Big Bang Theory; 2nd to the left in photo), a careless dad, a level-headed son (and main character played by Tyler Ritter; most left in photo), and his three siblings (two brothers & one sister) who are bigger Boston sports fans then usually Boston sports fans.

Opinion: Don’t get me wrong, I think the show will be funny. But I truly believe that CBS is about to go through what NBC went through after the “Must See TV” lineup fell apart. Once the top comedies go (HIMYM, 2.5 Men this season), the rest of the empire will fall. And for that hypothesis to happen (and CBS’s high standards of ratings), I don’t think the show will last long.

Bias: Sole sister of the show Kelen Coleman (2nd to the right in picture; The Newsroom): she has amazing acting props. Also on my favorite show, so…there’s that. Too bad critics say her Boston accent ain’t so convincing.

Premieres Thursday, October 30, 9:30p (though right now, that’d be right in the middle of a football game, so this could change)

Prediction: It’ll last the season as the only new comedy for the CBS slate, but it’ll get cancelled upon completion. No season 2.

16. Forever (FOX)*

FOREVER won’t last…oh, you know the rest

Premise: A medical examiner is immortal.

Opinion: Let’s just sit here and look at the last decade of shows about immortality. How many of those shows made it past season two? None. Okay, so Supernautral (CW) is one, but if you put that show on any of other major 4 networks, it would have been cancelled faster than a lunch with the office nuisance. Not watching this one either.

Bias: I’m not a huge fan of the lead guy, Mr. Fantastic Ioan Gruffudd. But I am a fan of Judd Hirsch. I hope he plays a bigger role than he did on Numb3rs (CBS).

Premieres Tuesday, September 23, 10p (pilot available on Hulu now)

Prediction: Cancelled at end of season

15. Cristela (ABC)

CRISTELA may not be the funniest thing on Earth, but it could reach “George Lopez” level.

Premise: A multi-cam comedy about a 30-something Hispanic women (Cristela Alonzo) who gets her dream opportunity at a law firm…as an unpaid intern, which makes it tough on her sister, brother-in-law, and mother.

Opinion: I think this is a good move by ABC, but shoving it behind Last Man Standing on a Friday night won’t give it the best ratings. But if they were willing to give two seasons to recently-cancelled, really low-rated The Neighbors, then they have to give this one a heck of a chance.

Biased: Gabriel Iglesias (comedian) will be making recurring roles throughout the season.

Premieres Friday, October 10, 8:30p

Prediction: Gains a 2nd season.

14. Marry Me (NBC)

MARRY ME could be a sleeper that sneaks up on you. Penny, I mean, Casey Wilson can do that to ya.

Premise: A couple (Seriously, there are way too many couple-comedies this year) is about to get engagement. Kind of.

Opinion: There’s a big fanbase for the former Happy Endings star Penny Harts Casey Wilson, and NBC’s hoping that The Voice, despite its own falling ratings, will push the show higher than what About A Boy could accomplish last year. Having the face recognition of Penny Harts Casey Wilson will probably help. But being up against NCIS: New Orleans (CBS), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC), & vet cult series Supernatural (CW) will be…rough. Hard to call, but I don’t think it’ll last.

Biased: I’m a huge Happy Endings fan, so bringing its creator (and Casey Wilson’s real-life husband) David Caspe was a big deal for me. Also, on paper, this might be the best supporting cast of all the new ensemble comedies. I do want this show to prove me wrong.

Premieres Tuesday, October 14, 9p

Prediction: Cancelled at season’s end

13. Constantine (NBC)*

Much like Hannibal, CONSTANTINE will be a very high quality show. Don’t let the Friday night schedule fool ya.

Premise: A drama about a con man-turned supernatural detective thrown into protecting the world from a supernatural evil power, based on a Hellblazer comics (DC has been busy this year!)

Opinion: NBC failed attempt at Dracula last year has them going after a more modern-day book called comics to try to get viewers. While Dracula wasn’t a bad attempt (a bad show, but a decent enough idea at first), Constantine is a fantastic fit for their Friday night line up. Dateline, followed by Grimm, followed by Constantine. Winner, winner, winner for NBC. Plus, it’s DC Comics and SO FAR, they’ve done no wrong yet. So I really think it’ll move to the next season with its compelling, complex storytelling. Almost to a cable network level, I truly believe. Plus, starting it around Halloween is a great marketing ploy. Not a show for me personally, but doesn’t mean I don’t think it’ll succeed.

Bias: Critics don’t think it’s anything to be thrilled with, but I think it matches well with NBC’s intentions.

Premieres Friday, October 24, 10p

Prediction: Should come back for a 2nd season

12. Stalker (CBS)

STALKER could be the network’s attempt to create high quality shows, like American Horror Story. And they could succeed.

Premise: A police procedural about a LA detective (Maggie Q; pictured) who specializes and investigates in stalker cases.

Opinion: If the show is anywhere close to how they presented it when I saw it, it might be the most innovative show CBS has had since Persons of Interest. It looks impressively creepy, which is what you expect from a production of Kevin Williamson [The Following (FOX), I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream movie franchise]. For network TV, none-the-less. I think people will tune in. I’m not thrilled that the main detective is also being stalked, or that her partner (Dylan McDermott; pictured) may have been a stalker (I mean, it’s a mysterious issue on why he was transferred to that department; but let’s be honest, there’s a 90% chance he’s a stalker). But, while I hate on CBS procedurals for being the same shows over and over again, this show might actually be fun.

Biased: Not a fan of Dylan McDermott, but I’ll give him credit for his American Horror Story stints. Critics weren’t too impressed with the show either.

Premieres Wednesday, October 1, 10p

Prediction: They’ll renew it for a 2nd season early, since their Wednesday 10p slot won’t be too competitive (Nashville, ABC; Chicago P.D., NBC) and with Criminal Minds as a lead-in.

11. Jane the Virgin (CW)

Will the Hispanic community come to watch, or will JANE THE VIRGIN slip through the cracks? CW is taking a risk on this one

Premise: A drama about a virgin who gets pregnant accidentally after a medical procedure.

Opinion: This is an American adaptation of a Spanish tele-novela, so I have to give CW some credit for a high-risk attempt. This is going to be my crazy pick, and say that it’ll get called back for a 2nd season. The ratings may be low, but 1) that’s pretty much CW anyways and 2) if they market it right, the Spanish demos will be really higher, and there might be money there if Cristela (ABC) does well too (a Spanish comedy and drama on network TV at the same time? WHAT!?!?!). I’ll be cheering for this one.

Biased: I’ve been hearing huge buzz for lead actor Gina Rodriguez, and most critics have been calling this show the best surprise of the pilot shows.

Premieres Monday, October 13, 9p

Prediction: It’ll make a 2nd season

10. NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)*

I’m resisting a snarky remark, because NCIS: NO will probably go 200 episodes.

Premise: Do you really need to know?

Opinion: Do you really want to know?

Biased: I hate this franchise. But I do like Scott Baluka (Quantum Leap, Chuck recurring)

Premieres Tuesday, September 23, 9p

Prediction: It’ll last 90 years. But seriously, I don’t think it’ll get out the gate well by CBS standards.

9. Red Band Society (FOX)

RED BAND SOCIETY is on the good side of this long show list, mixing comedy with teenage hormones with teenage & adult issues. Well done.

Premise: The dark single-cam dramedy about 6 teenage patients living in a pediatric ward.

Opinion: The show is based on a Catalan (Spain) show of the same name, which enters its third season across the pond. Watching the pilot (which was actually pretty well done), it does a good job being funny. It’s like any other type of teenage comedy, just with the backdrop of a hospital. And it’s been a while since we’ve had a hospital comedy out there (since Scrubs ended in 2009…yes, I know there was that one season on ABC in 2010…we pretend that didn’t happen), none the less a dark comedy-type show on network TV. So it’ll be nice to have another one…while at the same time being a nice, less annoying replacement of Glee, which enters its final season. I think FOX will be thinking long-term with this series, so it’ll come back.

Biased: Any time there’s a cast of kid actors, and they all support each other well acting-wise, you have me.

Premieres Wednesday, September 17 (pilot available on Hulu)

Prediction: It’ll get a 2nd season.

8. Scorpion (CBS)

If SCORPION can take the high energy to every episode, it could bring back the fun in procedurals.

Premise: A procedural about 4 geeks (and a waiter) saving the world. Exaggerated, but that’s pretty much it.

Opinion: There’s been an absence of “smart” television, and what I mean by that is a show that introduces new things every episode that would improve people on an academic level. The 1st season of The Apprentice did that for finance (a little bit), ER/St. Elsewhere did that for medicine, and (my favorite, and main show to take from this) Numb3rs did this for CBS for 6 years, introducing a mathematical formula to solve a crime each episode. With Scorpion, it could become the Numb3rs for computer coding. Friends who got to prescreen this show gave me polar opposite responses. One loved the crap out of it, the other hated the crap out of it. So we’ll see when it comes out. I’m cheering for it though.

Bias: Katherine McPhee (2nd-to-right in photo), people. I mean, Smash was a disaster, but she deserves to be on a good show. Critics said the show wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, but was fun.

Premieres Monday, September 22, 9p

Prediction: A 2nd season should happen.

7. The Flash (CW)

THE FLASH could be DC Comics slow reply back to Marvel’s success. And it’s a strategy that could work.

Premise: A superhero-running-crazy-fast dramedy.

Opinion: I have to be honest that I wasn’t entirely BLOWN AWAY like everyone else was who got to screen the pilot. But I trust the creators of Arrow, so I’ll hold off. The show’s been getting a ton of accolades across the industry. It’ll gain Arrow (CW) fans since it’ll dedicate 3 of its own episodes with The Flash character in a recurring role (played by Grant Gustin) to help pump interest before the pilot premieres. But The Flash will be in a very, very difficult timeslot, against both The Voice (NBC) and NCIS (CBS). But I think CW will be forgiving and move it around probably midseason. Or people will enjoy watching this show, and watch Agents of SHIELD on ABC immediately after. Superhero Tuesdays, we’ll call it.

Biased: I’m a DC guy over Marvel. So. Yeah. Oh, also Danielle Panabaker (former Disney Original Movie star). Glad to see she’s still truckin’ along.

Premieres Tuesday, October 7, 8p

Prediction: A 2nd season seems automatic here.

6. State of Affairs (NBC)

STATE OF AFFAIRS classifies itself as a political thriller. I’ll believe it when I see. And I would REALLY want to see it.

Premise: Katherine Heigl is a CIA analyst staffed to brief the President of the United States (Alfre Woodard; pictured) daily on international security issues.

Opinion: I think this is the strongest new show of the network, but I’m just not feeling it yet. Instead, I look at this, and I see it as a more expensive, less convincing Crisis (remember that NBC show in the spring about the kidnapped kids? Well, it wasn’t that bad of a show!). I’m not won over by Katherine Heigl or Alfre Woodard in the trailer, or the whole “I-might-have-accidentally-killed-your-son-and-my-boyfriend” thing. But hopefully they’ll grow over that idea and actually make it a show about international security issues first and foremost. Because that would actually be great, with a ton of potential. It’s the recurring theme behind the boyfriend that I’m worried about. And the cool thing is that if Katherine Heigl decides she wants to leave the show, analysts leave/get fired/go missing often enough that cast turnovers would actually be fitting here. I see potential with this show, as long as they make it more action/thriller than drama here. Plus, it’ll get some help from lead-in The Voice on Mondays.

Bias: Not a fan of Katherine Heigl, but I like anything close to West Wing. Plus, critics were not big fans of the show.

Premieres Monday, November 17, 10p

Prediction: A 2nd season should be pretty easy with a post-Voice timeslot. But it could get a Revolution-like aftermath if left on its own (cancelled by season 2).

5. Black-ish (ABC)

Is BLACK-ISH the new Cosby Show? Nah. Fresh Prince? Nope. Bernie Mac? No. All of them rolled into one? You betcha. And we’re gonna love it.

Premise: To be honest, I don’t know if there is a premise. It’s a black Modern Family.

Opinion: I am biased with this show. I’m not saying my family is like this, but let’s just say the jokes they made were way more relatable to me than anything Tyler Perry every wrote. So. There. Also, getting a post-Modern Family slot has been cursed over the years (Suburgatory, Mixology, Super Fun Night, Happy Endings, etc.) so I don’t have my huge hopes up just yet. But I think it’s time for a non-stereotypical, network black family again, don’t you? Bernie Mac was too long ago.

Biased: Besides Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne, Tracee Ellis Ross of Girlfriends (UPN) fame (that show lasted 8 years, guys. Even BET was like “daaaaannnggg”) returns to primetime network TV. Yara Shahidi (Imagine That) could also have the possible “Sarah Hyland” moment this year: the slightly unknown teenager becomes highly demanded.

Premieres Wednesday, September 24, 9:30p

Prediction: It breaks the curse! 2nd season, here we come!

4. Gracepoint (FOX)

GRACEPOINT is FOX’s True Detective! Or The Killing. Well, you get it. It’s gonna be good.

Premise: An 11-year boy is murdered in this “whodunit” drama, starring David Tennant (Doctor Who, everything good in Britain) and Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) based on the British drama Broadchurch.

Opinion: This show has, on paper, the best leads of all the new shows. Tennant and Gunn would make a spectacular pair on paper. And with a solid supporting cast, we may have a network version of True Detective (HBO). Or The Killing (AMC, Netflix). Okay, probably The Killing. Honestly, you could just watch Broadchurch and get pretty much the same thing (I mean, David Tennant was in that one too, with actress Olivia Colman his partner on the British series). But we redid The Office and that worked, so maybe this will too. Word is that if you didn’t watch Broadchurch that watching Gracepoint will be just as good. And let me tell you, Broadchurch was gooooood. 

Biased: I mean, David Tennant. ‘Nuff said. Critics weren’t blown away by the show; however admitted its bias with Broadchurch being the better series.

Premieres Thursday, October 2, 9p

Prediction: It’s a limited series, so….no season 2?

3. Madam Secretary (CBS)

Tea Leoni staring off towards her future 100 episodes.

Premise: A stern, morally-unswayed professor and former CIA analyst is suddenly asked by the President of the United State to become the Secretary of State.

Opinion: I know you all like House of Cards (Netflix), but it’s obviously more evil than it actually is. The West Wing (still voted by critics as the best representation of what actually goes on in D.C.) is still the last great political show on the networks. Commander In Chief (ABC starring Geena Davis) tried and was cancelled after its 1st season, and Political Animals (USA starring Sigourney Weaver) while critically-acclaimed, wasn’t hot enough for ratings…and was more a family than a political drama. It’s been a while since West Wing ended, so I’m hoping this political drama strikes it big. And it should. It’s sandwiched between football and veteran The Good Wife, so ratings should be fine. Out of all the new CBS shows, I think this is the most promising. Plus, I think it’ll be a nice way to kick off the whole women-taking-over-office debate again. You know. Hilary Clinton. That thing. Plus, Tea Leoni. You can’t go wrong there.

Biased: Anything that looks remotely close to The West Wing, I watch it. Plus, Critics said this would be in the lead so far for best new TV series.

Premieres Sunday, September 21, 8p

Prediction: If Tea can add some light humor once in a while, this show can last for years and years.

2. Gotham (FOX)

GOTHAM is the show I’m most excited about personally. And the reviews are endless praises.

Premise: Detective Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie; The O.C.; Southland) tries his best to protect the city of Gotham. Or, in other words, the Batman Villians’ Origin stories.

Opinion: I’ve been looking forward to this show since it was announced to becoming a script last year around this time. The cast is fantastic [Jada Pinkett Smith (bottom, 2nd-left in photo; Different World, Hawthorne) and Donal Logue (top, most right in photo; Grounded for Life, Vikings, L&O: SVU)], and the actual storylines have been meticulously scripted to make sure the story stays as true as possible while being entertaining. Bruno Heller (creator and exec. producer) wrote Rome (HBO), so I trust him with this show. From what I’ve seen, I’m very, very excited to see Ben McKenzie work. I will say that Sleep Hollow (FOX) was able to generate high ratings despite DWTS (ABC) and The Voice (NBC), so I believe GOTHAM will be fine in a post-Dark Knight wold.

Biased: I mean, Batman is by far my favorite superhero. And The Dark Knight is my favorite movie. So. Yeah. Critics liked it too.

Premieres Monday, September 22, 8p

Prediction: It’ll get a 2nd season.

1. How To Get Away with Murder (ABC)

I mean, making HTGAWM the #1 show should NOT be a surprise. I mean, look at this photo. Look at it!

Premise: A cutthroat lawyer (Viola Davis, pictured), with her law students, get too involved in a murder case.

Opinion: I keep telling myself that if Viola Davis wasn’t involved with this project, we probably wouldn’t blink twice at this show, and it’d probably get trapped in the middle of this list: A show with promise, but not enough “umph” to get there. Now insert Viola Davis, with Shonda Rhimes producing (it was actually created by Shonda’s colleague Peter Norwalk), and you got yourself the hottest show on the map. The critics have slightly cooled down on the show. To them, it was good, but not fantastic. But that was the view on Scandal, and now it was, at the time, the #1 new series, being in the top 10 in rating for 2 years (no official record for this past year yet). So the show is already estimated to make big headlines and big ratings (or at least in line with Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy). Critics like it. Fans will probably love it. No other show has much buzz as this one. It’d be silly of me NOT to put this at #1. I mean, VIOLA DAVIS. That’s all you need to hear.

Biased: See above.

Premieres Thursday, September 25, 10p

Prediction: Would you cancel Viola Davis after one season?

Premiere Schedule below (Ordered by channel, than by premiere date):


Tuesday, September 23
Forever (medical mystery) series premiere, 10 p.m.

Wednesday, September 24
Black-ish (Anthony Anderson/Laurence Fishburne comedy) series premiere, 9:30 p.m.

Thursday, September 25
How to Get Away With Murder (Shonda Rhimes’s latest), series premiere, 10 p.m.

Tuesday, September 30
Selfie (social media meets My Fair Lady) series premiere, 8 p.m.
Manhattan Love Story (rom-com) series premiere, 8:30 p.m.

Friday, October 10
Cristela (legal comedy) series premiere, 8:30 p.m.


Sunday, September 21
Madam Secretary (Téa Leoni is the secretary of state) series premiere, 8:00 p.m.

Monday, September 22
Scorpion (crime-fighting hackers) series premiere, 9:00 p.m.

Tuesday, September 23
NCIS: New Orleans (spinoff starring Scott Bakula) series premiere, 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, October 1
Stalker (Kevin Williamson procedural) series premiere, 10:00 p.m.

Monday, October 27
The McCarthys (working-class sports-themed comedy) series premiere, 9:30 p.m.


Tuesday, October 7
The Flash (DC Comics adaptation) series premiere, 8 p.m.

Monday, October 13
Jane the Virgin (telenovela remake) series premiere, 9 p.m.


Wednesday, September 17
Red Band Society (Octavia Spencer medical dramedy) series premiere, 9 p.m.

Monday, September 22
Gotham (Baby Batman) series premiere, 8 p.m.

Thursday, October 2
Gracepoint (adaptation of Broadchurch) series premiere, 9 p.m.

Sunday, October 5
Mulaney (like Seinfeld for millennials) series premiere, 9:30 p.m.


Wednesday, September 24
The Mysteries of Laura (Debra Messing drama) series premiere, 8 p.m.

Thursday, October 2
Bad Judge (Justice gone wild) series premiere, 9 p.m.
A to Z (relationship comedy) series premiere, 9:30 p.m.

Tuesday, October 14
Marry Me (relationship comedy) series premiere, 9 p.m.

Friday, October 24
Constantine (drama based on DC Comics’ Hellblazer) series premiere, 10 p.m.

Monday, November 17
State of Affairs (political thriller) series premiere, 10 p.m.

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