Did NBC Read This Blog?

It is exactly these moments that I just love television. Just love it.

Today, Grimm was announced to be moved to the 10pm slot following a 2-hour version The Voice on Tuesday, April 30th.

What’s the significance? Me calling it. Forever ago.

A few weeks ago, I made a post about NBC’s Tuesday issues. Go On wasn’t performing as well as it should have, with Smash and The New Normal falling off the skids even worse. But NBC had good news: The Voice was coming back, and could pump up those shows. Unfortunately, Smash was failing so much that NBC had to try something new. Too bad it was a dumb decision (I said it then, and I still say it now. The ads said they revolutionized dating. Really? You’re not fooling anyone). The move of a silly date show from Sundays to Tuesdays was made, and Ready for Love was put in the popular hot spot after The Voice. 

And what did I say about this decision: You should have put Grimm there instead.

I made some valid points, but I did understad why NBC would be hesitant. Grimm had a solid following on Fridays. Moving it might stop their slow-growth performance for the show earlier than NBC would like. But Tuesdays are already hurting NBC, and they needed to act fast if they wanted at least a good amount of renewals on dramas so it’s not all new drams (like it has been for the last how many years? Seriously, I think it’s only Parenthood still around).

So two shows premiered. Hannibal has been doing pretty well for itself on Thursday night (but while promising still has a while to go before a decision is made). And Ready for Love? Let’s say people were ready to quit.

The Voice’s follow-up program has be destroyed by ratings, losing nearly 11 million viewers just this week. Think about that.

11. Million. People. Left.

That’s not just bad. That’s embarrassing.

As I said in the previous article, their best bet would have been to go with Grimm. And today, NBC made my realization a reality. And it makes sense. They want to do this so that when May Sweeps come, they’re not dropping 11 million. Grimm will not get 14 million people to watch it, granted. But it isn’t going to lose 11 million viewers either. It’ll get you to 6-7 million per week (if you can get the episode to get viewers into it), which was Go On’s and The New Normal’s slightly above average during the fall.

So, yeah…it’s nice to be right about something.

Well, I mean, we’ll have to wait to see how this pans out, but…I’m kind of stoked that worked out.

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