CW can beat CBS in something!

So I was reading some TV news when I came across this thing. 

And this thing told me that CW was higher in this than both NBC AND CBS this past Wednesday. In what, you may ask? In tweets. 

SocialGuide Intelligence is a website that measures the amount of social activity an episode, show, or network produced during the broadcast. In essence, who’s talking about what during a show how many times. It’s measured in unique (how many original tweets there are), tweets (how many original tweets + retweets), and # of followers.

This past Wednesday, CW had a higher social interaction (3rd place for the night) than NBC and CBS. FOX and ABC were 1st and 2nd, not surprising with X Factor and the ABC Comedy line-up, featuring Modern Family. 

But CW, with Supernatural (3rd in the night as a series) and Arrow? 3rd? With only one series in the top ten, and CBS and NBC with 2 each? I do not understand. However, it has more tweets. 

But not everything with the CW is dandy. 

In the whole month of October (now, remember, this is for TWEETS), there were more social media interaction or involvement (prepare yourself) from PBS than CW. 

PBS. The nobody-watching, older-generation, teen-scarce network received more social networking hits than the heavily devoted tween-smashing, bigger-audienced CW. 

I’m sorry. But PBS?!?

Big. Issue. 

It’s one thing to call yourself a network that is to a devoted tween audience. I stop listening when you’re losing to PBS. Not for a day. Or a week. An entire month. 

So, yes, CW can beat CBS in somethings, but lose to PBS in others. I guess it’s all about your perspective. I guess. 

You should check out the website and mess around with the data. I only looked at Primetime Broadcast Network series; however, it includes cable series and sports programming.


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