Go On Will Get Hurt This Week. I guarantee it.

Politics ruins everything. It strains friendships, divides and nation, and ruins television. 

Go On, along with other Tuesday shows, will probably tank in the ratings this week because of politics. 

Why, you ask? Two words. 

Barack. Obama.

This isn’t a political statement, but more of an actual statement. There been ONE new episode of Go On in the last month. 

Four weeks! 28 days! If that doesn’t hurt you, what will? (Well, they could preceded by Guys with Kids instead of The Voice. But, let’s prevent ourselves from shuttering). 

So what does this have to do with the re-elected POTUS? Because four weeks ago, you had the Presidential Debates (the 2nd one to be specific). The following week had a new episode, but then two weeks ago, Hurricane Sandy sent networks stripping away the new episodes so New Yorkers wouldn’t miss the episodes (and so networks wouldn’t plummet in ratings from the missing sample). And last week? President Obama won the election, and America had to watch the gripping “too-close-to-call” election coverage on every network. 

So of course, the President didn’t block Go On once. But twice. 

Now it’s returned. However, when people haven’t watched something consistently, it tends to be forgotten about or in the absence, people have moved on to other shows. Tuesday night will be difficult for not just Go On, but for other scripted shows. However, Go On (and its follow-up show The New Normal) will be affected the most since their the ones with the least stable audience (being the newbies). One could make a debate about Don’t Trust the B** In Apt 23 and Happy endings, but they’re already on season 2 and have their devoted fans. Hopefully, networks will give the Tuesday shows some slack while they recover. But expect them to fall hard this week. 

I forgive Obama and Romney. It’s not their fault they’re pretty important. 

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