Initial Response to FOX’s 2012-13 Fall schedule

I’m sure this is just me, but the FOX schedule isn’t anything surprising. Bones has been doing surpringly well on Mondays, and changing it back to Thursdays would mean it would follow A.I. or X Factor, a spot that is well-placed by Glee. The show that follows Bones is new drama The Mob Doctor. A regular doctor, to save the life of her brother, becomes a mob’s doctor as well. Interesting concept, but let’s see how it looks like when the trailer comes out. 

Tuesday is a little weird, as I know their scheduling strategy of hammocking the new comedy Ben and Kate with Raising Hope and New Girl. But I would have switched it. Put New Girl to start the night (it’s your #1 new comedy, start the night big). Ben and Kate doesn’t seem all that interesting and The Mindy Project may be a little better, but not by much. To be fair, I have to watch their trailers before I can make an opinion. But so far, not very interesting new comedies. 

Wednesday and Thursday are no surprises with the X Factor (Fall) and American Idol (Mid-season), and Glee following both on Thursdays. Friday is my constant surprise that Fringe survives each season. However, Touch’s move to Friday was anticipated and we’ll see how long it’ll last on the dead day. 

So really, new drama and comedies aren’t too impressive. However, FOX is the #1 network in key demographics. Why would they change that much?

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