I’m Back…sort of

Hey Everyone,

Did you miss me? Probably not.

Last summer, it was crazy! I tried to stay up with TV news and tried to write about it. However…school started. And alas, I had to retire the whistle this year.

But with school over and Upfronts coming up, I couldn’t resist a come back.

So here I am, ready to weigh in on some of the decisions of these networks. And let me tell ya, the Ref has been out way too long.

Like come on, NBC. Whose idea was it to cancel Harry’s Law and not Whitney? How about Up All Night? When you put on the show, you were getting Kathy Bates: OF COURSE YOUR VIEWERS WILL BE OLD?! You think Blue Bloods at CBS is ranking higher in key demos? Sure they have 2 million more viewers, but they’re CBS. Take it one network at a time.

And HEY, FOX: It’s time to let Fringe go. Of course, I’m okay with moving it to FX. How cool would that be, placing it right after American Horror Story? But not the point. The ratings are too low, especially with Grimm and Primetime (ABC)…PRIMETIME beating you weekly in the same timeslot (CSI:NY has more viewers, but lower ratings).

Yes, CBS, you don’t escape easily. You may be the #1 most watched network, but you also let Rules of Engagement go on for way too long. And also, there is something admirable about having a consistent schedule. But it’s like you’re not even trying anymore! At least NBC is actively looking for the next Friends or Seinfeld. Instead, you’re running your CSIs to the ground! Find the next CSI without another spin-off.

And of course, ABC. I love Happy Endings, but those last few episodes tail-dived in ratings performance. Need to have a close eye on that one. Plus, look at this comparisons: Cougar Town has on average 2-3 million less viewers than Happy Endings, but faces American Idol. If you swap Happy Endings and Cougar Town’s timeslots, Happy Endings would be significantly worse. Now moving Cougar Town doesn’t seem so smart, does it? Plus, doesn’t anyone feel that TBS would be more fitted with Penny’s antics (H.E.) than Jules’s (C.T.)? I sure do. Plus, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 is very well suited for Wednesday Night comedies and would fit very well at the 9:30 slot (Happy Endings slot). PLUS, Happy Endings would be a nice “earlier” slot around 8/8:30 on TBS for Men at Work or….see….see what I’m doing? I’m doing this before I even start these articles and I told myself I wouldn’t.

But you’ll start to see this stuff fairly soon. I’m back. At least for the summer. Stay up with me on Twitter (@mediatvref) and ALSO like me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mediatvref). Especially FB, I’d like to get into some arguments discussions with all of you.

Let’s ref the networks. Happy Upfronts, everyone.

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