The Predicted 2011-2012 FOX Fall Schedule

[This page will be constantly updated until Sunday; upon new updates on renews and cancellations]


Current Ranking: 1st in Prime Demo; 2nd in Total Viewers

FOX has been on fire this year. American Idol and Glee are the true reasons why they’re number one in the prime demographics (18-49). Despite the ridiculous flop of Lone Star, FOX has been on top in prime viewers for a while, fighting with CBS once in a while. However, FOX has  been a steady 2nd to the most watched network. But FOX will take it, still with the #1 show on television, even, without Simon Cowell. How much better will it be with the X-Factor coming in?

Total Timeslots Available: 32

The 32 slots are 30-minute slots from Monday through Saturday, 8pm until 10pm (Saturday picks up again at 11pm-12pm); and Sunday, 7pm until 10pm. 10pm provides local programming until 11, when the Late Night shows are broadcast.

Current Show Situation:


8pm: House-Renewed for another season, there’s a possibility it could move back to Tuesday at 8pm (it’s former timeslot 3 seasons ago). However, with Glee and some comedies there, I doubt it’ll be moved.

9pm: Lone Star-Confirmed a LONG time ago as cancellation

Mid-season Replacement 1 (9pm): Lie To Me-Recently confirmed to be cancelled.

Mid-season Replacement 2 (9pm): The Chicago Code-Recently confirmed to be cancelled.


8pm: Glee-Renewed for next season. Moving the show around is a possibility, but not many people were happy it was moved in the first place. I think it’d be best to keep it, but it could be moved as an X-factor lead-in potentially.

9pm: Raising Hope-Renewed for next season. The show does have a great following after Glee, but I’m predicting it’ll get moved around for Glee to boost a pilot show.

9:30pm: Running Wilde-Confirmed to be cancelled.

Mid-Season Replacement 1 (9:30pm): Traffic Light-Confirmed to be cancelled

Mid-Season Replacement 2 (9pm): Million Dollar Money Drop-It kind of floundered in ratings, ending with about 5 million viewers. Chances are it’s not coming back (not enough buzz); and if it does, it’ll be a mid-season.


8pm: Human Target: Already confirmed to be cancelled

9pm: Hell’s Kitchen-Already renewed coming this summer (July 19) Can’t imagine it moving anytime soon for its second go-around in the spring or next summer, most likely.

Mid-Season Replacement 1 (8pm): American Idol-Do I really have to say something here?

Mid-Season Replacement 2 (8pm): Breaking In-This is the most intriguing story for FOX. Originally cancelled with the three other shows (The Chicago Code, Traffic Light, and Lie To Me), there’s been word that FOX is reconsidering its decision. Breaking In did better than all the other mid-season rookie shows, and they may want to see where it goes. Though I’d like to think they’ll renew the series though (and would only retract a cancelled series if it was a very serious issue), I don’t think they will.


8pm: Bones-Renewed for next season, they’re a tricky situation. Deschanel’s pregnancy makes this difficult. Do you put The Finder her for the fall, and then push it off for AI, with Bones following; or do you have Bones start out with The Finder in the fall, and have another show after AI? FOX has some thinking to do.

9pm: Fringe: It’s already been renewed, and already confirmed to be moved to Friday. When on Friday is the mystery.

Mid-season Replacement 1 (8pm): American Idol Results Show-It’s not moving, unless FOX thinks it’s better to do it right after the show. However, local programming will NOT like that at all.


8:00pm: House Repeats/Human Target: Human Target was originally here until Lone Star was instantly cancelled and had to be replaced. Its slot was taken by Lie to Me, which was originally on Wednesday 8pm. That slot was taken by Human Target, which was originally on Friday 8pm. And THAT slot was taken by House reruns. What does this all mean? This slot is wide open.

9:00pm: The Good guys-Given a summer run and a fall showing, it was cancelled awhile ago.

Mid-Season Replacement 1 (8:00): Kitchen Nightmares-Renewed for a new season, it has been on Friday for the last two season, so I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


8:00pm: Cops

9:00pm: America’s Most Wanted

Remember in 1996 when they cancelled this show? So many people got angry, GOVERNORS called FOX for its renewal (This is where Jericho fans did wrong: they didn’t get the government involved). This night has been the most stable night in broadcast television. This won’t change.


7:00pm: The OT (NFL Football): Again, we pray football comes back.

8:00pm: The Simpsons-HA! Try to move this. I dare you.

8:30pm: The Cleveland Show-It’s been renewed and will probably be shuffled around for Sunday.

9:00pm: Family Guy-It’s coming back for another season. It’s not moving either.

9:30pm: American Dad!-This is unfortunately returning this fall, and I don’t like it. It should be a mid-season replacement.

Mid-Season Replacement 1 (8:30pm): Bob’s Burgers-Renewed next season, I don’t see how it CAN’T be put ahead of American Dad for the fall line-up.

Pilot Shows Available:

Drama Comedy
The Finder The New Girl
Alcatraz I Hate My Teenage Daughter
Exit Strategy Family Album
Touch Little in Common
Allen Gregory
Napoleon Dynamite

Schedule Predictions:




House always starts the party, but usually its with 24 or Lie to Me following after. However, both of them are gone, and its time for another show to take over the reigns. I have the JJ Abrams show, Alcatraz, debuting afterwards, about prisoners who disappear in the 1960s on Alcatraz Island and mysteriously reappear today. The mystery-like show may want to have a great backing, and House will provide that big time. The mid-season replacement would be Exit Strategy, which will be used as a hiatus filler. I don’t see either shows losing viewers, but Exit Strategy, a show about a CIA team that fixes problems that operatives screw up, would fit here. [Update: News says they’re fixing Exit Strategy and if picked up, will be a mid-season replacement].


8:00pm: Glee

9:00pm: Mobbed

There ‘s nothing much to say about Glee, except it’s been the lead-in to Raising Hope, which helped Raising Hope become pretty successful and get a renewal. Having said that, hopefully the heavy Glee following will go over to the new alternative series, Mobbed. If anyone remembers this, the show was broadcast after American Idol in March and got over 10 million viewers. It was green-lit for 8 episodes, and since I didn’t see anything on it for the summer, I think it’ll be ready for the fall. It would be a perfect selection after Glee, since it’s a show based off flash-mobs for special occasions. However, just in case, I have Raising Hope and rookie series The New Girl as mid-season replacements for Mobbed. The New Girl is about a teacher (Zooey Deschanel) moving into an apartment with 3 men. Chances are, Glee hiatus will replaced with Hell’s Kitchen, unless FOX thinks it’d be best to wait until the summer for Kitchen.


8:00pm: The X-Factor

Why the heck not? Why the heck not own Wednesday night for the whole 33-week season? American Idol by spring, The X Factor by Fall. It would be a prefect combo. That is, if X Factor survives, which I doubt it won’t: too many people like Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Two hours slots every night? You bet FOX will do it. However, realistically, when/if X-Factor goes down to one hour, perhaps Exit Strategy would work here. However, officially, I have three replacements backing up the 9pm slot: I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Family Album, and Little in Common (I predicted Teenage and Little would go through, but news says that Family Album will be added as well). Obviously, the mid-season replacement will be American Idol.


8:00pm: The Finder

9:00pm: Touch

With Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, Bones may not be able to produce episodes this summer. So, it might be that its spin-off, The Finder, will take its place for the fall. Upon Bones’ return by mid-season, AI will force it to the 9pm slot. Hopefully, when that happens, The Finder and Touch will have had their run and hopefully proven they can hold their own. Touch stars Kiefer Sutherland as a father of a mute son that can predict the future. This hour will be interesting to say the least. One will satisfy Bones’ viewers (maybe) as the other satisfy the hunger of many 24 fans (though Touch may not have 24 fans as a target audience). I have American Idol Result as a mid-season replacement, with Bones at the 9pm slot.


8:00pm: Fridge

9:00pm: Alcatraz (Repeat)

On the deadest night on television, FOX already said it’d put Fridge here. However, some Fringe fans would be interested in what’s going on Alcatraz (up their alley in weirdness), so I think a repeat is justified here. I also have Kitchen Nightmares as a mid-season replacement. I’d be a bit surprised if I didn’t see Nightmares this coming year.


8:00 & 8:30pm: COPS

9:00pm: America’s Most Wanted

11:00pm: Touch (Repeat)

You want to move those times? Be my guest. Repeats can be anything, just took a second new interesting drama that might be good for them.

Sunday (If NFL comes out of lockout, just start at 8:00pm):

7:00pm: The Cleveland Show

7:30pm: Allen Gregory

8:00pm: The Simpsons

8:30pm: Napoleon Dynamite

9:00pm: Family Guy

9:30pm: Bob’s Burgers

The new lineup of Animation Domination. Allen Gregory (super smart, adult-like kid has to go to elementary school) and Napoleon Dynamite (animated series based on the movie, with all the characters present) are the new series; but how do you fit 7 animated shows into 6 slots? You can’t. So American Dad will just have to sit on the bench until: 1) One of the new shows start tanking, in which a replacement needs to be made; 2) Mid-season comes up and one of the shows only had a 9 or 13-episode order, thus letting American Dad takes over, or 3) Be moved to another night. I highly doubt that though. If football goes on, at mid-season I have Napoleon Dynamite at 7:30, Bob’s Burgers at 8:30, and American Dad at 9:30 (Allen Gregory takes hiatus…I’m guessing it won’t do as well as everything else, but can replace American Dad if it tanks).


In comparison, FOX has a jam-packed awesome schedule that will be hot all year round. Especially with great pilots, such as I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Alcatraz, and The Finder; and great shows, like American Idol, The X Factor, House, and Glee. Raising Hope and Mobbed are hoping they can pull more viewers, and the animation domination will also hopefully pump up the number of viewers. FOX is on the right path; and though they may not catch CBS in total viewership, they’ll be closing the gap this year.

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