Founder/Executive Producer: Joseph Mwamba


Joseph Mwamba is a media professional in the industry, who aspires to work in development.

Oh, let’s stop this, you know it’s me writing this. Let’s not talk in 3rd person.

I graduated from Indiana University back in 2013, then became an employee of a major media conglomerate as a project assistant, and still work there. I want to work in development, research, or programming within the television industry. However, it was always my dream to work in network development.

I became interested in television when I was very young, realizing those characters on TV were not who they really were in real-life (wait, Louis Stevens of Even Stevens ISN’T literally Louis Stevens? Who’s this Shia LaBeouf you speak of?). That started a long winding road to today, where I consider myself highly knowledgeable about the television industry.

I created Telemazing as a blog during college, spending time predicting which shows were getting renewed or cancelled. Also, I dedicated all of September watching the first 3 episodes of the TV season’s new shows. I rated the pilot episode, and then the series after viewing the 3rd episode, enacting my “Rule of Three” rule (which you see now as the video “3VIEW”. That way, people will know which shows are worth investing in, and not fall for HPS (Horrible Pilot Syndrome).

Eventually, the blog turned into an idea for a webseries based on the same principles. So, Telemazing was born on YouTube in March 2015. We had a preliminary run, then premiered our 1st Season on September 14th, 2015.  The channel covered TV news, TV recommendations (What’s Next/If You Like), TV reviews (3VIEW), and games (Game’d/Show Wars). In February 2016, we premiered our 2nd season and a new podcast on iTunes. We started attending events, such as YouTube Space NY and heading to California for VidCon 2016. For Season 4 (2017), we brought back articles to the website with contributing writers. We’ve expanded so much from the few to the many, each helping us produce a great show each week. It’s been an amazing change since I started blogging nearly 6 years ago.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site, and I hope you like this enough to head over to our YouTube channel to hang out with us!

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